Manifestation in the Darkness

Man`i`fes`ta´tion:   The materialization or apparition of a spirit; – a            phenomenon claimed to be seen by spiritualists.  – Webster’s 1913 Dictionary

The topic of discussion is Demonic Manifestation.   Has a demon ever physically appeared before me?  A few people I knew have danced around this topic, some throw out words like night terrors, unstable mind,  attention seeking, along many other words that brings doubt to the reader’s mind.

Truthfully I have seen things manifest before me. Through out my childhood and my adult life I have seen somethings that brings to question if it was something of flesh and blood.  When I was a child I have seen ghost of dead relatives, animals, dolls, and even living people.  Has an adult I have found myself working the nightshift in places of questionable background.  My work lights go out, batteries died, strange noises,  disappearing person.

With that brief detail on my childhood and a quick summary of my adulthood presented to the reader, it is safe to say I do believe in Manifestation.  I believe when people say they seen their long dead love ones, or something strange in the basement of a abandoned home, or even in the graveyard.  There are spirits and things that go bump in the night all around us.

I am certain there are many justifications on why such things happen to a person to see those things. Night terrors due to chemical reaction in the brain, being sensitive to the spirit realm, or just plan crazy.  I want to believe that all humans can see spirits in the right situation and time.

So its not a question if ghosts are real, but what about Demonic Manifestation? And again we do a side step and a little shuffle  on this topic. With Hollywood on our side we know that Demons do manifest and they are obsessed on bringing the end of the world, or killing angelic people. According to Hollywood demons walk among us and have sex with the daughters of man and mass producing half bred demons who have unnatural powers..  But lets return back to reality and turn off the tv right now.

According to Aliester Crowly demons do appear if you use a black mirror and a ritual triangle.  I have done that and I did see something in a black mirror. But not in front of me in person.. I seen things in smoke during my rituals, or even in the shadows of the room or woods I’m in. Something in the corner of my eye.. But nothing like the 9th Gate, I haven’t produced a demonic girlfriend before my eyes.

So do demons manifest?  I would like to say yes, but truthfully I’m not sure. I have dreams of my patron, sometimes in a mediative state I talk to him, I feel him when I do offerings and prayer.  I feel him when something does come from the offerings, like a job or some money.  If I look at the evidence I know demons are real..  But do they appear before a person in full form?

I think the best answer is based on the person and their reality..   Hopefully if you do see one, you are able to get your answers.


8 thoughts on “Manifestation in the Darkness

  1. Diana

    I wonder about ‘shadow people’ and if any of them are demons or not. I myself have seen one 3 times in my life, the first time was when I was 11 and the last time I was in my twenties. In short, I wake up from sleep, there is this shadow man standing in the doorway, and once I wake up and see him, he comes in to the room. Each time the figure is so solid I think it is an intruder who has broken in to the house and it is terrifying. As far as not being awake and it a dream… the last sighting, I got up and pushed a piece of furniture in to the thing, and it moved very strangely, not like a human. That’s the short of it… except what’s interesting is some part of me felt compelled to tell my mother years after and before she passed about the shadow man experience. It took a lot of guts and I was afraid she would think I was crazy, only to find out she’d had shadow man experiences as well. It never hurt either of us but was nonetheless quite terrifying at the time. Another possible way a demon could manifest: in another person? I was talking to a satanist once, who told me he allowed demons to come and go in him. We spoke for quite some time and there was a point where I felt I was interacting with someone/something else through him. But like you say – mental illness? Was I merely interacting with another ‘personality’?

    1. S. Connolly

      Diana, Channeling Daemons is a very common practice with both Daemonolaters and Satanists (of the trad/theistic variety). That is one form of manifestation. I also agree that some “Shadow people” are in fact Daemonic manifestation. That was surely my case when I was a girl. I think it’s also normal to question if you’re crazy.

      1. Bluemidknight

        Shadow people.. its pretty ominous of a name.. Yes, I see them too.. Not sure what they are.

  2. Bluemidknight

    In other beliefs they teach that spirits can enter the body and speak tongues. I have seen this in person only a few times in the Voudon (Voodoo) belief. They claim its a spirit.. I think we are able to talk with demons, but I have never seen a demon talk with another person’s mouth ( strange demonic voice).. When I communicate with my patron through dreams or in meditation, I know. There are a few signs, like seeing a banner with his sigil, or even seeing the same person in my dream. A short giant wearing medieval armor drinking sweet mead and counting gold coins and playing with a device that could of been in Michealongeo’s workshop. It took time to figure out it was my patron, dream journaling and meditation. But what help was seeing my personal sigil, in a dream I saw him drew it with his finger and some mead. Was it a spirit communicating with me or my higher self telling me? I want to believe that Demons are our higher selfs that we have given shape and form to what we believe in. Has for the Satanist talking to you has he/she was a demon, I highly doubt it, but I’m not saying its not possible.. but it could be a case of a crazy person pushing a grocery cart muttering to himself, was he channeling demons?

    1. India

      As cliche as it may sound, I actually did have one unforgettable (and enjoyable) experience in which I believe a demon was channeled, though not through me. I won’t get into juicy details, but I was in an intimate moment with a romantic interest when he spoke to me, but not in his normal voice. At first his voice was very deep and growling, and I asked who he was. He did not speak his answer, but the name Asmodeus appeared in my mind in a beautiful flaming script. I spoke his name, and he said yes. Then, his voice changed from that growling tone to what I described as a Scottish accent (mind you, the man I was with was from Somoa.) Wwhen I brought it up, he said ” is it Scottish,or is it Viking?” He had a very pleasing voice to me, but totally impossible for the range of the man’s normal voice. I began to ask him questions, most of which he responded to with another question that was designed to make me think about why I was asking those questions. The whole room seemed pitch black during that time, then next thing I know it’s the next morning. The man asked me what happnened last night, and I had to figure out how to explain to him in a way he might understand since he told me he was Catholic and I didn’t want him to freak out. The point is, since then I totally believe that a person can channel and speak in a voice that isn’t their natural one.

  3. Lex

    I’ve definitely seen things in smoke before – in fact, that’s one of the main ways I know I’ve gotten some kind of connection, is if suddenly the smoke looks different.

    It’s also happened a few times that I’ll look at a tree, or a rock, and clearly see a face or something similar looking back at me for a moment, but when I try to find the contours of it again I can’t. However, I’ve only once had any kind of actual auditory manifestation. I’m an extremely visual person – I have almost a perfect visual memory – and so I think that the experience of manifestation can be different between different people depending on which sense they favor.

    1. Bluemidknight

      Yes, some people see, hear, feel, and smell something different.

      I feel warm and heavy, I hear nothing ( its like the air thickened enough where outside noise is muffled, its abit eerie doing a ritual in a noisy apartment and not hear anything but my voice) I knew some people claim they smell pine trees or smell a river or lake close by when they do a ritual.

  4. RBS

    I saw the very first demon I have summoned as a brief flash of emerald green light with the corner of one of my eyes. It happened on the third day. Afterwards, I only see him when I just wake up from my sleep with blurry eyes- standing near my bed. That is the only time my psychic visions are active. Otherwise, it’s just poltergeist activities or smells of his offerings.

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