Manifesting Results & the Divine Intelligence

When I was initially given the blogging topic for July (Daemonic Manifestation) I honestly didn’t know what I was going to write about. Do I talk about theophany rituals? After all, I imagine a lot of people might find the physical manifestation of the Daemonic a fascinating topic. Yes, of course I know of several theophany rituals and no, I don’t recommend them. It would be a dire situation that called for such a ritual anyway. Most things can be accomplished quite easily without raising Daemons to physical manifestation.

Then I thought that maybe I could write about a physical manifestation experience (as I have had the experience and I am of the firm belief that anyone who works with the Daemonic long enough will experience a physical manifestation of the Daemonic at least once) but then I don’t know that such relaying of experience would serve to do much of anything except entertain. That’s kind of one of those things you have to experience for yourself in order to really get it. My personal experiences with the Daemonic, for me, are far more than simple blogging fodder.

Then I read some of the other posts for the month and I thought, “Wow. Everyone got really creative with this topic.” Leave it to our sisters in Maine to come up with the post they’ve got for you. It’s a doozy!

So I thought on it some more. That’s when it dawned on me that most Demonolaters want results whether magickal or spiritual. They want manifested results through the Daemonic Divine. It’s the results that matter. I’ve read a great deal of what other magicians have to say about results and the reasons they give for results that aren’t forthcoming as well as reasons why some people get results all the time. I’ve even skimmed the surface of this topic in some of my own writing.

I think the difference in those who get results from their spiritual work and those who don’t is whether or not a person is closed, lazy, or refuses to take self-responsibility as opposed to someone who is open, willing to work, and will accept responsibility for himself. That’s the difference between someone who gets a great deal from their spiritual path and someone who doesn’t.

Years ago I had a student who would ask me seemingly innocent questions about advanced ritual work I’d done and then never follow-up after I answered her questions. No real discussion ensued. I later was discussing students with another friend, who was also a teacher, who told me about his student. Long story short, it turned out it was the same student and he had been giving her advanced “self-work” to perform and instead of doing the work, the same student had been coming to me asking me about my experiences with certain rituals and then copying and pasting verbatim my experience and submitting it to him as her own work. We know this because we compared the e-mails.

The student didn’t want to do the work and was willing to lie. Several years later the student complained that she never got results (spiritual or other) from Demonolatry or working with the Daemonic and after more than a decade she still felt she needed a teacher. Nothing ever manifested for her. Well, when you copy and paste someone else’s results you’ll never see any of your own.

So while it’s probably cliche the reality is that doing the work will always manifest results when it comes to working with the Daemonic. Now they may not be the results you want, but I think you’ll find they’re often the results you need. It’s important the practitioner distinguish between wants and needs and recognize they’re very different things. One is necessary, the other is not. Most often when we’re working magick or we have spiritual goals we have a lot of wants. Sometimes you can’t get what you want until you first procure what you need so you can get all your needs sorted out. So it goes.

Open yourself up and allow the Daemonic to manifest in your life. Work with the Daemonic to grow and change into who you need to be. Who you want to be will surely follow. Because the greatest manifestation of the Daemonic is, ultimately, your Self.

4 thoughts on “Manifesting Results & the Divine Intelligence

  1. S. Connolly Post author

    @Laura – I agree (about them being incredibly important, not sure if they’re genius). I’ve just spent so many years watching this happen over and over again. How what we need manifests very quickly and how that either changes our wants or puts us closer to getting what we really want. It’s fascinating how it works. I bet everyone reading this, if they go back through their magickal journals, will be able to see this in action.

    1. S. Connolly Post author

      @Joe – there are a lot of factors that weigh into the answer to your question. For example — which hierarchy do you work with or are you open to working across hierarchies? Which Daemons do you feel a connection to? What defines you? Any Daemon could help guide you to this answer, but you need to choose a Daemon you work well with if you want to do extended work. Daemons, as it turns out, aren’t really “one size fits all”.

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