Matrons, Patrons & Mentors – Oh My!

I have known people who made a hasty choice for their Matron/Patron and later redid their dedication to a new Matron/Patron.  However, I’m a bit old-school in my personal opinion. Back when I began practicing, we were asked to study and practice at least a year and a day before even considering exploring Matrons or Patrons. I had the benefit of having worked with many Daemons before I made a choice to study Daemonolatry, so I’d already been working with Daemons for about five years already when I went ahead and chose to dedicate myself to Leviathan. I’ve never regretted that choice and I still feel connected to Him with all of my being, despite the fact that some view Him as no more than a minion of Yam.  In my view, He encompasses Yam.

I see no reason to modify or change my Patron and I feel that if one takes his/her time and chooses wisely, (s)he will have no need to change her Patron/Matron either.  I don’t understand the rush to choose a Patron/Matron. There is no rush, but some insist that they must do a dedication almost immediately. This will almost always lead to regrets later on down the road.

Sometimes when people begin doubting their Patron/Matron choice, it’s because they’ve run across what are known as Mentor Daemons. Or that Daemonic force that steps up to help one with the particular area of path-work that they’re in.  For example, while Leviathan is a constant and remains my Patron indefinitely, that doesn’t mean I can’t work with other Daemons. I went through a period where I did extensive ritual work with Delepitoré. Another period in my life I was very involved with Lucifuge. Another period still I worked with Verrine a great deal. Another point with Ptah, and another point still, Thoth. These periods of mentoring can span years, but eventually these Daemonic forces will step aside as a new one steps up to mentor the practitioner as they enter a new phase in their personal path-work. The beauty of this is that you will get to know many Daemonic forces intimately through this mentoring process and you’ll never be working with the same Daemonic forces as your bff. If you find yourself working with the same Daemons as all your friends, consider that maybe you’re doing it wrong and worrying too much about your image rather than anything genuine.

2 thoughts on “Matrons, Patrons & Mentors – Oh My!

  1. Jessica

    Hi there. I consider myself fairly new to demonolatry, but not without a considerable amount of /basic/ knowledge. Through my research and readings (which most were your works thank you :)) I have become overwhelmingly drawn to one demon in particular. But he does not seem to be one in which people have chosen as a Patron, nor can I find any substantial information on him. I feel like perhaps I should meditate more on it, but I can’t get him off my brain. I guess my question is, are there some demons that are not willing/good/whatever patrons or matrons?

  2. José Savóia

    Hey S, I read about baptism on “Modern Demonolatry”, and there was the part about the tattoo of your patron on your left tigh… Does it need to be especifically there or can I do it on other place? Is there any difference about using the Goetic sigil or the Dukanté sigil? And what’s exactly the function of a patron/mentor/guardian? What’s the purpose of having it’s symbol on you and dedicating yourself to him? Are you gonna be his servant or something or are you going to work together? Because i don’t think there’s gonna be this servant thing, I believe it’ll be like co-working, but in the ritual you do swear to do whatever he asks, no?
    By the way, I also bought Drawing Down Belial, Demonolatry Goetia and Curses and Hexes on amazon, and i think they’re really good. Good job 🙂

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