Much Ado about Being Overdue

Well, half the year has already passed, and I’m finally at a point where I can sit down and start my writing again. I would have never guessed that something as simple as changing jobs could have completely destroyed my schedule and routine as much as it has. Who knew?

A couple of months ago I traded in a minimum wage part time job, which allowed me ample time to run my side business and work on my writings, for a higher paying full time position that has dominated my time and schedule far more than I would have expected. With the added commute time, and the drastic increase in hours, it has been really difficult for me to keep up with everything and still keep my sanity. But with that being said, I’ve finally hit the end of my “orientation” period, things are settling down, and I can finally sit still long enough to string together a random thought or two and actually put it down on paper.

For me personally, Magic and Spirituality are two completely separate things. Magic is a working. It has a specific, focused goal. Spirituality is a path. It’s a process of growth and exploration. And while magic may serve spiritual purposes on occasion, and vice versa, for the most part the two are separate and unique.

A magical working can be many things. But it will always have a goal, an end result. From searching for answers, to influencing personal relationships, or even the acquisition of material wealth, magic is meant for a purpose. Without a purpose, magic cannot be successful. Raised energy must be directed for it to be effective.

Spirituality is something that stays with us for life. It challenges and changes us. It forces us to explore and examine things about the world, and about ourselves, that we may otherwise not be willing to delve into. The relationships and connections that are found through spirituality shape our present and our future. Matrons/Patrons or “Guardians” change over time. They stay with us for a while, and guide us down the path that will lead us to our next spiritual discovery. This does not mean one matron or patron becomes less important, or leaves less of an impact on our lives. It just means that as Human Beings, we grow and evolve, sometimes even when we don’t want to. And often times, especially when we’d rather not move on to the next thing, it is our Matron, Patron, or Guardian that pushes us towards that end. Without the assistance of our otherworldly tutors, many of us would not be where we are today. In my case, I know this for a fact.