New Book Release: 76 Week Goetia

In this version of S. Connolly’s 76-Week Goetia Immersion class, you can work through all 72 Daemons of the Goetia (plus the 4 elemental Kings) at your own pace with daily guidance and inspiration for the work. This deeply intense course will not only introduce you to all the spirits of the Goetia, but can be used for profound pathworking and shadow-work. Written for Daemonolaters, the work within can be easily adjusted for magicians of other paths. Includes detailed correspondence information and 7 days of guided work for each spirit.

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: An understanding how to perform ritual as this book expects you to create your own rituals/spells and know how to invoke/evoke. Basic spirit communication techniques. A working knowledge and understanding of meditation. How to create rituals and spell work. A basic, functional understanding of magick.

Other S. Connolly books that you may find helpful:

  • Daemonolatry Goetia
  • The Goetia Workbook
  • Drawing Down Belial
  • Lake of Fire: A Daemonolater’s Guide to Ascension
  • The Art of Creative Magick

Please note: ALL EBOOKS ARE PRE-ORDER and release June 18! 

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