November 2021 Tarotscope

Hello again, everybody! Are you ready for Halloween? My city canceled trick or treating for 2020, but 93% of parents surveyed plan to send their children out this year. The same local survey results indicate more than half of us will refuse to open our doors. Sorry, kiddos, but I feast, pay homage to the spirits, and watch horror movies that day. Important traditions to uphold.

I chose the Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba for November’s Tarotscope. This deck plays with the stereotype of a broom-riding witch in pointed hat, a cat companion nearby. Alba’s art weaves these familiar symbols into the Rider Waite Smith structure using a primarily female cast and style reminiscent of a graphic novel. Some overhauled cards result in different meanings, but I enjoy the changes. I love this deck’s bright colors, my clients usually react to it well, and it shuffles beautifully despite thinner cardstock. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I kept this deck in regular rotation all year long. It’s among my favorites.

All Signs – Magician (Top). Left to Right: Aries – 5 of Pentacles Reversed, Taurus – 10 of Cups, Gemini – 3 of Wands, Cancer – Page of Cups.

All Signs – The Magician – True power comes from within us. Whether we want to grow spiritually or accomplish a mundane task in November, we already possess the necessary tools. Combine intelligence and intuition to use them to their full capabilities. Remember that no resource is limitless. What is taken must be replaced.

Aries – Five of Pentacles Reversed – You persevered through October’s rough patches, Aries. The situation brightens in November, providing the means for recovery if you make practical use of it. When opportunity knocks, don’t ignore it. You probably won’t end up sitting at the king’s table, but you certainly can come in from the cold.

Taurus – Ten of Cups – We measure one kind of wealth in money and another kind in people. This month, the love you have invested in developing and supporting your social circle returns to you tenfold. This card represents a time of great joy and contentment with family and friends. This may feel like a dream, Taurus, but it isn’t. You earned it.

Gemini – Three of Wands – Success is so close, Gemini. You’re making sparks and soon you’ll start a fire. Just be sure to use all the resources at your disposal and keep your mind open to new options. Don’t be so fixated on one method that you can’t see any others. The new idea may be the stroke of genius that saves the day. 

Cancer – Page of Cups – Are you ready to try something new, Cancer? A burst of curiosity and youthful enthusiasm prods you to explore different ways of thinking in November. Now is the time to learn a new skill or hobby, or let your inner child loose through creative play. Make use of this period to get out of any rut you’ve been in.

Top: Leo – 5 of Wands, Virgo – 6 of Cups, Libra – Queen of Cups, Scorpio – 7 of Pentacles. Bottom: Sagittarius – Page of Swords, Capricorn – Death, Aquarius – 6 of Swords, Pisces – Tower.

Leo – Five of Wands – Too many chefs ruin the broth… and you walk into a very crowded kitchen this month. Differing opinions and competing egos can impede progress in November. A team is more than the sum of its parts, Leo. Consider the mental and emotional energy you contribute to the mix. What can you add or subtract to create the perfect blend you desire?

Virgo – Six of Cups – Never underestimate the effect even your tiniest gesture can have on the world, Virgo. Be on the lookout in November for small acts of kindness you can perform to assist others. Now is an excellent time to share or give gifts. It shows those you care about how much you love them and helps establish goodwill among strangers. Just give without expectation of getting in return. This month is about creating relationships and memories, not reciprocal contracts.

Libra – Queen of Cups – Oh, the ever-balanced Libra… The scales tip this month when your heart leads for a change! Creativity flows freely, and you feel drawn to finally jumpstart those pet projects of yours in November. As you nurture those passions over the next four weeks, make sure to surround yourself with loved ones who support your endeavors — and who you support wholeheartedly in return. 

Scorpio – Seven of Pentacles – Don’t force the issue when impatience flares in November, Scorpio. Instead, take a step back and assess where you are and where you still need to go. Think carefully and make the most of your work so far and the resources at your disposal. Keep watch for a helping hand that may be no help at all.

Sagittarius – Page of Swords – A new idea seizes you in November and fills you with endless curiosity and boundless enthusiasm. You’ll talk to anyone who’ll listen about your new passion, which generates opportunities to meet like-minded individuals. Sagittarius, try to think through the practicality of your schemes before you commit to any mad plans. Will these fantasies stand up to the light of day?

Capricorn – Death – As Halloween season comes to a close, Capricorn, so with it ends an era of your life. This is not the unexpected change represented by the Tower, but rather a gradual finale that you’ve seen in the works for a while. You may find the change temporarily uncomfortable, but you possess innately what you need to transform. If you let go of this phase, you make space for metamorphosis into something new.

Aquarius – Six of Swords – You can’t deny it any longer. Circumstances make it clear the time has come to seek greener pastures. Assemble who and what you need to leave, and move on to your new endeavors without fanfare. Be stealthy, Aquarius. Your troubles are more than willing to follow you home if you make a big deal about your departure.

Pisces – The Tower – Kaboom! Like magic, structures tumble unexpectedly this month, sending your environment into chaos. Yet as everyone around you scrambles to find their place in the disorder, you calmly (almost smugly) know where you stand. It’s as if part of you thrives off the mayhem. Pisces, it’s one thing to shine in a crisis, but try not to flirt with disaster!

That’s it for November’s Tarotscope. May this look at the Everyday Witch Tarot have brought you some insight for next month. Need a private reading? My services are listed here and on my website. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for free daily readings, and find my books on Amazon.

Have a safe and happy holiday, whatever way you choose to celebrate. Happy Halloween! Happy Rite to Eurynomous, and blessings of the season to you.

See you in December.