October 2021 Tarotscope

Welcome to October! Although I’m still treated to a few sultry summer afternoons where I live, Autumn leaves already litter my backyard in a dazzling display. May where you live look and feel just as beautiful this time of year.

This month, I decided to stick with cards close to my heart, the Dukanté Daemonic Sigil Divination Deck. Printed in black and white, it features nothing but the daemon’s sigils and their names. Playing card-sized with a reversible back, I find them perfect for divination or magical work. I wish there was a Goetia deck produced in a similar style! This deck includes 41 sigils from the Dukanté hierarchy but no booklet, encouraging readers to produce their own meanings from their personal work with the daemons. That said, Sigillum Diaboli by S. Connolly suggests interpretations for the 16 sigils originally collected together for divination purposes. Although I occasionally use the whole deck for readings, I typically stick to these since they give me enough information on their own.

On to October’s reading!

All Signs – Ashtaroth – Ashtaroth’s energy rules over all signs in October. Expect helpful friends and allies to come to our assistance in difficult situations over the next four weeks. While this time is usually dedicated to the Death Demonic, pulling this sigil suggests our insight and intuition will be especially clear right now. Try reaching out to Spirit or your ancestors using divination of all sorts.

Aries – Unsere – Home and family reign supreme this month, Aries. This is a fertile time for both team and solitary creative work. You can reach your goals through (mutual) patience and understanding. Ask yourself what you would like to grow and nurture those efforts.

Taurus – Tezrian – Do you feel battle-weary, Taurus? Although pulling this sigil can mean someone is out to get you, it just as often points to exhaustion from warring with yourself, not someone else. Either way, you need to tend to your wounds before you enter the fray again. Make sure you look after yourself as you plan your strategy for the weeks ahead.

Gemini – Leviathan – Leviathan’s influence in October deepens your sense of empathy for others, Gemini. This provides greater emotional insight into their character as well as your own. With this wisdom, you can forge a truce and build peace between yourself and others. Now is the moment to heal old wounds.

Cancer – Lucifer – You rebel! A flash of insight leads to out-of-the-box thinking this month. It breaks the rules, but it also saves the day. New beginnings spring from this solution. Expect a bit of a sharp learning curve, but don’t fret — you’ve got what it takes to make the climb!

Leo – Eurynomous – You see the light, Leo… The light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. One phase of your life ends in October for another to begin. As frightening as this change may be, it is unavoidable, so best embrace the energy. Look into the future and map your way. 

Virgo – Delepitoré – Magic is in the air, Virgo! Your creative juices flow in October. You can make your dreams a reality if you’re willing to focus your efforts. You possess all the tools needed to manifest your goals. This is the perfect period for sorcery meant to produce tangible, in-hand results. Coupled with Ashtaroth’s influence, you’re making sparks! 

Libra – Belphegore Reversed – High hopes set you up for a downfall this month, Libra. No matter how much you want (and maybe even deserve) the largest piece of the pie, you’re not going to get it right now. Be careful how you express your disappointment. Selfishness doesn’t look good on anyone. Do you really want your fair share, or are you just being greedy?

Scorpio – Lucifuge – Take hold of the reins, Scorpio, because you’re in for a bumpy ride! Obstacles appear to impede your progress this month. Don’t worry. You can solve these problems and prove you’ve got what it takes with skills you’ve mastered along the way.

Sagittarius – Rosier – Get ready to feel the love in October, Sagittarius! Look forward to building and strengthening the loving relationships in your life next month, romantic and otherwise. Rosier’s energy reinforces current bonds and helps form new ones. It can even assist with the most challenging relationship of all: the one you have with yourself. Remember real love starts at home.

Capricorn – Belial – Hard work pays off with a month of stability. Without family drama or financial hardship, October may not prove terribly exciting. Still, you possess all the resources you need, Capricorn. A plentiful time on multiple levels. 

Aquarius – Amducius Reversed – You win some and you lose some, Aquarius. It’s how you deal with the losses that matter long-term. Don’t let frustration or anger cause you to act rashly in October. Strategize and move appropriately when the time is right. 

Pisces – Verrine – Verrine’s influence emphasizes the need to look after your health in October. Even those Pisces in peak condition check in with their bodies and minds once in a while to keep them in top shape. Take a moment this month to give yourself a tune-up — or at least take a brief break to assess where you are and where you could be. What would your optimum performance look like?

That’s the end of this month’s Tarotscope. I hope this peek at the Dukanté Daemonic Sigil Divination Deck will encourage you to work with the sigils and provide some insight for October. 

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See you in November!

– Will