On Invocation

Invocation can be understood as the calling upon a god, demon, or spirit to assist you in your work. As I understand it, there are two forms of invocation which may be useful for the practicing mage: Simple Invocation- The calling out to an entity to be present during your ritual, to lend their energies to your rite. True Invocation- The calling out to an entity to merge with you, shifting your aura and energy to become them for a time. 

Simple invocation can be accomplished by chanting the demon or spirit’s name over and over, requesting they be present with you. This can be supplemented with the vibration of enns or words of power created for the entity. Example: “Lord Flereous, attend upon this rite and lend your fiery energy to it’s fulfillment. Ganic tasa fubin Flereous!” If successful, you will feel the presence and energy of the demon in the room with you. You may feel charged up, electric, cold or hot, etc. Take note of the shift in consciousness. Visualization can add to the potency of the invocation. You may envision the demon (in this case Flereous) appear and set the circle on fire. The room glows a red/orange within the confines of the flaming circle. You may then direct the fire energy into your written request or sigils of intent, then burn them after giving a blood offering. Use visualizations which correspond to the demon’s element and/or intent of the rite. 

True Invocation is best practiced for 3 days in a row up to 7. Prepare an invocation (written in your own words) This should include the name of the demon, it’s description, and the reason you are invoking the demon, as well as final lines calling the demon to rise up within your body and dwell within you for a set time you mention. As with Evocation, call the demon in the name of their superior demon and/or Satan. Cast your circle (if any). Inscribe the sigil of the demon and bloodlet upon it.
Envision your aura glowing the same color of the demon’s element (or a color you feel the demon emanates). It extends about a foot out from your body in all directions. 

Recite the invocation you have prepared with a strong, powerful voice. As you recite the invocation, imagine your aura shifting, from your form to the form of the demon. By the time you are done with the invocation, your aura will be the exact shape of the demon. You may then close your eyes and chant the demon name over and over, or possibly the enn of that demon if known. You may rock back and forth, side to side, or in circles. Go with this. You will feel the tendrils of energy flow up your body and a foreign consciousness take over. When you open your eyes, look at the sigil and know that it is your signature. 

Repeat this process the next day, and the next, for the amount of time you listed in the invocation. During this time, you may practice automatic writing. 

Contrary to popular belief, true automatic writing isn’t just a bunch of scribbling, with a random word appearing here and there. True automatic writing is stilling your mind while the indwelling spirit writes through you. This takes time and practice, but is very potent in creating channeled texts or pathworkings. 

Back to the subject at hand, your personality will be forever changed by the true invocation, to align more with the nature of the demon, therefore, it is prudent to think deeply about the process before you do this. The demon will unlock hidden aspects of yourself, whether positive or negative, and an offering should be given to them on the day they leave your body. 

Sometimes, the demon will completely change the course of your working to suite their own agenda, that is the price you pay in inviting them into your body, but this is rare. In most cases, things will go as planned and you will gain what you seek from the demonic invocation so long as you remain respectful throughout the process. I hope this little article helps those who are just starting out or having issues in their invocation practice. Ave Satanas! Hail Lilith! 

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