On-the-Go Protection

Protection is another one of the most common rituals/spells people ask me about. Sure, there are elaborate rituals you can do to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your possessions. However, there are simple ways to do this as well. Especially when you’re traveling outside your home where you’re outside the boundaries of your own wards.

One of the most effective methods is to carry a sigil on your person, in your car or in your suitcase. And, let’s face it, since you can’t ward your workplace in the proper manner, you can place protective sigils in your desk or in a work locker.

Many people may just print a sigil and cut it out, but I’m a personal fan of drawing the sigil out by hand while visualizing the intent of protecting yourself or your personal space outside the home.

Agaliarept, Amducius, Asmoday, Focalor, Sabnock, Satanichia, Sonnillion, Tezrian, or Vepar are all good choices for protection. But ultimately you should choose a Daemonic force you resonate with. Then, over the seal, state your intention to be safe from harm, thieves, and accidents. You can even be more specific if the situation calls for it.

If you practice blood magick, add a single drop of your blood to the sigil (which can be obtained in the least harmful way possible, like a pin prick to a finger, or by removing a scab off an old scratch injury). This serves as a bonding mechanism between you and the Daemonic force, and your intention to be safe.

And that’s it! Paper sigils can be slipped into a purse, wallet, or even your pocket or shoe. Re-make them as necessary.

I’m also a fan of using this method to attract wealth, by putting the seal of a wealth Daemon into your wallet to help you draw more money, or spend less.

Sometimes it’s the simple things!

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  1. s. james

    I am very new to this practice. As a novice can I use the sigil of Naamah? Or is there a specific Demon for protection? Thank you

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