Out with the old, In with the new

This time of year is filled with ceremony and ritual. Tonight, we say goodbye to what was a very challenging year for many and get ready to welcome a new year full of possibilities. In our home candles play a huge role in setting the mood as well as aiding in heralding one year out and the new year in. One of the candle rituals that we do is an end to end candle burning to set fire to the negative and to act as a beacon to positive energy and opportunities.

You will need a taper candle that has been modified to have wick showing on both ends, a lighter, a metal bowl or chalice to rest the candle on lengthwise, and a plate or tray to place under the chalice/bowl to catch the dripping wax.

Take 10 minutes or so and reflect on any blockages or obstacles that the current year brought with it and that are still bothering you. Then light the candle on the left side, imagining that the flame is burning those issues away and acting as a protective force not allowing those issues to move forward.

Just know that if your blockages came from lessons that you needed to learn, but you refused to, this candle spell will not interfere with them. These lessons will most likely follow you into the new year and be magnified until you stop ignoring them and do the work!

Next focus on your goals and wishes for the upcoming year and light the right side of the candle. This flame lights the path towards you for those things that you wish to manifest in the coming year.

Allow the candle to pully burn away and then if you are into divination, feel free to see what images you see in the melted wax.

May the Daemonic Divine bring you and yours an amazing 2023!