Pathworking mystery

It took me the longest time to figure out what Pathworking is.. I feel dumb now, since someone just explained to me what it was..   I’ve been doing that since I was young in the occult, it was called “ground and center time” or “meditation guidance”.  The rhythmic drum beat, ta ta ta ta ta ta    ta    ta   ta   ta   ta  ta  , the soothing voice of the high priestess and priest  telling us certain things, and the visual effects that our mind’s eye creates.  Felt like I was in occult kindergarden and it was nap time, it was incredible.  For a youth occult practitioner it helped me able to understand visualization with my mind’s eye, to connect, to feel, to sense what it was.. To understand how magick linked between the physical, mental, and spiritual planes.   I highly recommend it  if you have someone in your group that can do it, that understands the speed of drum beats and “key words”  ( rhythmic chanting, visual describing.)  I wish I was skilled in this area, but sadly I rely on a recordings..   Candle light, mysterious darkness, and the sound of a drum… ancient words spoken… images conjured in the mind..  wow really reminiscing a time period so long ago..