Practical Psychic Self Defense


The aim of this article is to provide practical guidance on how to protect yourself from psychic attack. It is based on the premise that we are all surrounded by an invisible world of energy, and that some of this energy can be harmful to us.

Most people are unaware of the invisible world, and so they are defenseless against it. But there are things that you can do to protect yourself. This article will teach you how to recognize psychic attack, and how to deal with it effectively.

What is Psychic Self-Defense?

Psychic self-defense is a set of techniques and practices used to protect oneself from psychic attacks, energetic manipulation, and negative Influence.

Psychic self-defense is not about warding off evil spirits or fighting spells. It is about developing a strong sense of personal boundaries and self-awareness, so that you can protect yourself from anyone who would try to violate your energy field.

There are many different techniques that can be used for psychic self-defense. Some of the most common include:

• Developing your own personal energy field: This can be done through practices like meditation, visualization, and energy work. When your energy field is strong and well-protected, it will be more difficult for negative energies to penetrate it.

• Clearing your space: This involves using methods like smudging (burning Sage or other herbs), setting up an altar with protective symbols, or using essences and oils to clear the energy in your space.

• Shields and defense mechanisms: There are many different ways to create energetic shields around yourself. Some common methods include visualizing a shield of light around you, using affirmations and positive statements, or holding crystals or other protective stones close to your body.

• Dissolvingattachments: If you think you have picked up an unwanted attachment (an entity that has attached itself to your energy field), there are several methods that can be used to dissolve the attachment and release it from your system. These includevisualization, prayer, Reiki healing, and using specific crystals or herbs.

Psychic self-defense is an important skill for anyone who is interested in energy work, spiritual development, or working with others on a deep level. By learning how to protect yourself energetically, you can prevent burnout, anxiety, and emotional manipulation.

The Three A’s of Psychic Self-Defense

The three A’s of Psychic Self-Defense are:

  • Awareness: Knowing what is happening around you.
  • Action: Doing something about it.
  • Assistance: Getting help when needed.

How to Develop Your Own Psychic Shield

There are many ways to develop your own psychic shield. One way is to imagine yourself surrounded by white light. This light can be visualization or mental projection. Another way is to say a prayer or affirmation that asks for protection from negative energy. You can also work with specific stones and crystals that have properties that can help to protect you from psychic attack.

Tips for Strengthening Your Psychic Shield

Below are some tips for strengthening your psychic shield:

-Set the intention to create a strong, impenetrable shield around you.
-Visualize your shield as a bright, white light that surrounds and protects you.

-Focus on being grounded andcentered.
-Release any fear or negative energy that you are holding onto.
-Strengthen your connection to your higher power or guides.
-Trust your intuition and inner guidance.


Now that you are familiar with the basics of psychic self-defense, you can begin to put these techniques into practice in your own life. Remember, the best defense is a strong offense. The more you work to develop your own psychic ability, the better equipped you will be to handle any negative energy that comes your way.

Author’s Note: Initially I had intended to try to write this as a book but realized it is only an article. When I took it off my hard drive and cut and paste it into the blog, I forgot to change the word book to article. That has been rectified. Sometimes you think you’re writing a book and it’s an article. It happens. – F