S. Connolly Reading Testimonials

Here’s what clients have to say about readings they’ve gotten from me. If you have something you want to share with other about your experience with my service, please contact me (or Frank) at [email protected]


“I’ve had a lot of people cold read me. Cold reading is hard to do. I was really surprised by and impressed with your accuracy and insight. Thank you!” – Sarah H.


“When you said Teresa and Margaret, I went cold. Never have I had a reading so bone-chilling accurate that I started crying. You knew about my sister (Teresa) and my aunt (Margaret), the only two people I know who died in the past four years. It was incredible.”  – Lisa B.


“How did you know these things about me? I keep trying to find out how you did it.  Amazing!” Lang W.


“I honestly thought you were full of it when you told me there would be a death in my family. I guess I just didn’t want to hear it and that’s why I reacted so negatively toward you. Well, my dad died suddenly a month after the reading with no history of previous health problems. It was a heart attack. I hate that you are so accurate, but I no longer think you’re full of it.” Mike H.