Servitor Creation

Today’s article will help you create and customize a powerful servitor to serve your needs. Together, we’ll explore the potential of this particular magic.

How to create a servitor

Creating a servitor can be an effective form of magical practice. It is a form of magic where a practitioner deliberately creates an artificial life form using their own will and intention. Unlike other types of magical entities, such as egregores or thoughtforms, servitors are created with the sole purpose of performing predetermined tasks. This article will provide you with the necessary steps needed to create one.

First and foremost, you must decide on the purpose of your servitor. What do you want it to do? A servitor can be used for a variety of tasks such as guard duty, attending to minor errands or even gathering information for you. Be specific in your intent as this will determine how effectively your servitor performs its duty.

The second step is to name your servitor and create its physical appearance in your imagination or draw it on paper if so desired. Select powerful words and symbols that embody the energy that you are trying to infuse into the entity during its creation process. These words or symbols can come from different sources such as sacred texts, literature or personal epiphanies that you’ve had during meditation sessions or daydreaming moments.

Thirdly, call upon any deities/entities (including yourself) that you deem helpful in providing power, protection and guidance for the successful creation of your servitor before beginning the actual creation process itself. This includes Daemonic entities if you so choose. Or you can skip this step altogether because it’s not 100% necessary.

Fourthly, direct energy into your thoughtform while visualizing what it looks like and what tasks it is performing until it feels alive. Remember not to rush this step since charging it up takes time depending on how much power you put into forming and charging up the entity itself!

Lastly write down instructions describing exactly what duties this sentience is responsible for so that it knows what its place is within your magical practice.

What to do with your servitor

Using magical practices to create and work with servitors, thoughtforms or egregores can be a powerful tool and tremendously rewarding. Through use of visualization, imagination and will-power, you are able to create a personalized energy being for multiple purposes. When properly taken care of and nurtured, this being can serve as a source of inspiration, healing or creativity.

As mentioned above, your servitor should be given an identity based on their specific purpose and given the power to move energy in appropriate directions. Visualize the type of energy your creation should possess – for example for healing give it the ability to bring light and warmth; for protection see it surrounded by walls of fire or ice; or build upon the strength and courage of an animal totem. Additionally, imagine its form – human-like in an astral plane or embodying a certain symbolism – mastering these aspects will help your servitor grow stronger in its ability to act on your behalf.

It is also important to develop a plan of action when dealing with your servitor including what commands it should follow as well as its limits – provide clear instructions that define their boundaries in terms of their abilities (to prevent any problems they may cause). Once the plan is set in place show appreciation by giving thanks when it completes tasks efficiently along with acknowledging its individuality. Regular rituals conducted through physical objects such as dolls, fetishes or amulets will help reinforce its purpose and empower it further. (See maintenance and feeding below.)

Finally, make sure that when tasks are completed your servitors’ mission is fulfilled by thanking them and releasing them from service so they can move on once again become part of all that is.

A Recap of Potential Purposes for your Servitor

  • Protection
  • Gathering information
  • Drawing opportunities (be specific which opportunities you want it to draw)
  • Healing
  • Removing negativity from your space
  • Companionship
  • Finding lost things
  • Influencing others

Maintenance of your servitor

In order to properly maintain your servitor, it is important to follow routine feeding and care instructions. A servitor needs energy “food” to survive and regular maintenance in order to function optimally. Without the proper attention, a servitor’s lifespan may be shortened, it will fizzle out and disappear, or its abilities will become limited. Here are some tips for maintaining your servitor:

  • Feeding Your Servitor: Regular feeding is essential for keeping your Servitor healthy and providing it with the energy and direction it needs to perform its duties effectively. So, make a schedule and stick to it. Feeding will consist of visualizations and imbuing the servitor with the right energy.
  • Recharging Energy: Remember that every day, as servitors use their energy reserves while performing tasks, that needs to be replenished at some point. Some people will simply acknowledge their servitors daily, or talk to them like they’re actual beings. This visualization and interaction will often be enough to keep a servitor functional for as long as the magician wishes.

Maintaining a regular feeding/recharging schedule will help ensure that your servitor stays healthy and running optimally, serving you faithfully for as long as you need the servitor.

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