Surviving Mercury Retrogrades

If you’re a believer in astrology and the effects of the placements of the planets – Mercury retrograde is real and it can be a real challenge.

What Happens During Mercury Retrograde:

According to astrologers, Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon that occurs when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward in the sky from our viewpoint on Earth. In actuality, this is an optical illusion caused by the different orbital speeds of Earth and Mercury. That said, astrologers believe that Mercury retrograde affects communication, technology, travel and other aspects of life that are related to Mercury’s domain. They also believe that each Mercury retrograde period has a different theme depending on the astrological sign and house that Mercury is transiting. Some people may experience more challenges, delays or misunderstandings during Mercury retrograde, while others may use this time to review, reflect and revise their plans.

Some of you may have noticed the effects of a Mercury retrograde. Perhaps someone gets angry with you because they misunderstood something you said. Or maybe your bank’s computer system glitched and you couldn’t get your mobile deposit to work. Or maybe your computer decided to blow up.

Do’s and Don’ts of Mercury Retrograde

Do be patient and try to be understanding. If there is a miscommunication, don’t be afraid to clarify your position or ask for a clarification.

Don’t panic (yet). Most things can be fixed with a little patience and work behind it, even if it is a complete inconvenience. Like having to take your deposit to the bank, or look for a new computer.

Plan ahead for technological hiccups and communication errors. This is a fancy way of saying it’s wise to always have a backup plan for every possible situation. If you rely on direct deposit, for example, then make sure you always have enough in savings to cover a missing deposit in case a computer hiccup happens. Or, if you rely on your computer for work, have a backup, or some money saved in the wings to replace your existing machine if possible.

Can I Magick My Way Out of a Mercury Retrograde?

I’d be lying if I told you that I hadn’t prayed to the Daemonic Divine once or twice in my life asking for a quick resolution to a communication or technology problem. Your Matron/Patron is always a good choice to connect with to help you with day-to-day life problems. But specifically for Mercury Retrogrades, my go to here is Lucifer. A burnt request or quick, “Hey, I could use a hand or some wisdom here” would not be out of order to help you weather a bad situation.

The key to surviving any huge technology fuck-up or blow out due to a miscommunication is a lot of deep breathing, patience, and clear thinking. Once you’ve had time to think the problem over, get the ball rolling to fix the issue. Sometimes you can have the issue fixed in minutes or hours. But other times, shit goes down on a weekend and you have no choice but to wait until Monday. In cases like that, leave a message, relax, ground yourself, wait for the next 24-48 hours, and then take the next step as needed. A clear head and thoughtful action can solve almost any problem.

Astrologers will often recommend you don’t sign contracts, don’t buy new technology, don’t make any important decisions, and use Mercury Retrogrades to reflect, edit, and plan. This is not always possible. In cases where you have no choice but to act, act while asking blessings of the divine and make sure you’ve read all the fine print.

Mercury Retrograde Periods Left in 2023

April 21 to May 14 in the earth sign Taurus (where we currently are)
August 23 to September 15 in the earth sign Virgo
December 13 to January 1, 2024 in the earth sign Capricorn

2 thoughts on “Surviving Mercury Retrogrades

  1. sara j

    Thank you for the great news. I really appreciate your heads up on the time. Althouh I am concern that I recently bought a new cell phone which I can not figure out! LOL ? Can I protect myself from techo-assult? Thanks

    1. Steph Post author

      Yes! Use a personal protective sigil as your screen backsplash or as a social media photo and that will usually do the trick. Or, you can go into the astral and sweep, protect, and clear all your online spaces. I’ve had great results with that.

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