Temple of Atem

Temple of Atem is the only online Daemonolatry Temple that accepts solitary Daemonolaters into its ranks.  Some highlights of what the temple offers members:

  • Free Online Pre-Initiate Training
  • Formal Distance Initiations
  • Free Temple Events for Members
  • Private chats/classes/and workshops.
  • Discounts on demonolatry.org classes
  • Study Groups
  • Forums
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Access to Clergy
  • Commiseration with other Daemonolaters.

To get more information and an application CLICK HERE.

**This message brought to you by HP Julie.

2 thoughts on “Temple of Atem

  1. Sarah

    Hi, is this still available? I tried looking it up and kept finding a different temple. I want to make sure I sign up for the correct group.

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