The Blood

Many people talk about using family heirlooms and even a part of the ancestor they want to connect with..   I want to offer another form that doesn’t involve grave robbing or stealing your great grandfather’s dentures.

The key of life, the key of magick, the key of you.  Within it is link to you and your ancestors, within you is the master key of connection.  Your blood!!

When the veil is thin is the best time to do it, I personally do it once in awhile for advice. A white bowl and water, and a few drops of your blood..  Blood divination.  I have attempted to use a glass goblet with great success, but originally I was taught using a bowl.

Over time you’ll learn that I’m not much into cool words or fully describing rituals in my writings, all this is your preference. Remember blood is a high payment to the spiritual realm, I was taught to drink the water and blood mix when I was done with it..


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    Hello please i want to know more about on the blood ritaul i will be glad to here from you.

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