The Dark Mirror Oracle

Last week I was able to visit a new little metaphysical shop that just opened and of course I was drawn to the divination tools. My daughter pointed out one deck in particular and I fell in love. The Dark Mirror Oracle Cards are the deck I am focusing on this month to give us some insight.

I pulled the card of Fragmentation for the upcoming month. We are heading into one of the busiest times of the year, where we get pulled in so many different directions in order to please everyone in our lives. This can lead us to forgetting about our own needs and wants as we prioritize others over ourselves. Frustration levels can rise quickly and take the pleasure out of the holiday seasons.

This card reminds us that if we do not maintain a sense of balance that we will lose parts of ourselves along the way causing us to feel anger not only towards others but also ourselves. This is where the card wants us to focus. Ensuring a healthy balance can keep away any feelings of resentment or anger from growing and causing havoc in our lives and relationships.

This card also gives hope that even if we feel as if we are going to break, that we can always be healed. We might not be exactly as we were before, but we will be who we need to be.