The Evil Eye

I have been getting a great deal of email about “being cursed” lately, so I thought I’d write some articles about various types of curses to help people uncurse themselves. Some of these articles will also be included in the forthcoming Daemonolater’s Guide to Protection & Psychic Self-Defense. The evil eye is one of those “curses” that people often feel like they’ve been the target of.

Have you ever been afflicted with bad luck, despite all your attempts to ward it off? If so, some folks would say you may be suffering from the Evil Eye.

What is the Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye is basically where the castor causes harm to others through their concentrated energy of jealousy, anger, and/or hatred. This also means that anyone can cast the Evil Eye on someone else — it doesn’t have to be a witch or magician. In many parts of the world, it is still feared and respected as a method capable of inflicting harm on its victims. I would even venture to say that the Evil Eye is the most COMMON type of curse people are afflicted by.

The effects of the Evil Eye can vary depending on who casts it and why they cast it. Some people suggest that these effects could include:

  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, chills, tiredness, uneasiness, dizziness, nausea and loss of appetite;
  • Psychological symptoms such as fearfulness or anxiety; and
  • Circumstantial problems such as accidents or setbacks in business or relationships.

Even though no two people fully experience the same thing when cursed with the Evil Eye, it is said that it could have serious long-term consequences that should never be ignored.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect oneself against the sinister power of the Evil Eye. Superstitions around what releases positive energy include:

  • Wearing jewelry like talismans or charms featuring good luck symbols like hamsa hands;
  • Carrying crystals like tigers eye for protection;
  • Washing one’s face with lemon water during times when negative energy is likely present;
  • Making offerings to deities that specialize in thwarting evil curses;
  • Chanting calming mantras;
  • Placing bells near doorways to chase away negative spirits;
  • Burning incense daily for purification;
  • Keeping flowers nearby for their healing powers; and
  • Meditating regularly on letting go of fear if ever under attack by jealous forces.

All of these simple steps can lead towards a safer life free from possible malicious attacks from haters – even if you don’t know these people personally.

Some Daemons to Help Release the Evil Eye:

Your Matron or Patron is always a good source of protection regardless the type of curse allegedly cast upon you. However, you can also work with Agaliarept, Amducius, Asmoday, Bathin, Focalor (my personal favorite), Halphas, Malphas, Sabnock (another of my favorites), Seere, Tezrian, and Vepar to name a few. All of these Daemonic forces are great for protection.

But how do you know if the evil eye has *actually* been cast in your direction?

Well, that’s not always an easy answer, so when you feel like something is wrong, it can never hurt to do a negativity banishing or protection. I recommend all magicians have pre-emptive wards and protections in place, as well as a regular banishment of negativity schedule.

But let’s take a moment to discuss some symptoms, or at least a few signs that this may have taken place. Many people feel they have been cursed when they experience unexplained illness or bad luck in life, particularly if these negative events do not seem to resolve – even after good decisions have been made and continue to be made. Other signs of being affected by the evil eye may include a sudden decrease in money or resources, feeling fatigued despite getting adequate rest as well as an unexplainable fear that something bad is about to happen. Now, don’t be quick to dismiss anxiety or panic disorder as potential causes of how you’re feeling – or the fact that maybe you’re coming down with a cold so your body is feeling fatigue because it’s fighting a virus. Normal, everyday illness is just life — not necessarily a curse.

I guess the question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you have a hater. Is someone jealous of you? Angry with you? Are they putting a lot of effort into slandering or libeling you to whoever will listen? Are they going out of their way to hate on you? Have you taken up free rental space in their head? If yes, that can sometimes be all it takes for any random person to unleash the evil eye on you. And since this is a common thing in our modern time – chances are there’s someone out there sending negative energy your way.

The upside of this is that various cultures the world over have charms for warding the evil eye and there are plenty of protection spells and wards that catch all that nasty energy from your haters and catapult it right back at them, burn it up, or alchemize it into good luck for you and yours. For some spells/rituals along these lines, you really want the book The Preeminent Curse (a cheaper paperback version is available to my Newsletter Subscribers). The Daemonolater’s Guide to Protection and Psychic Self-Defense is slated for release later this year.

Some rather basic magick to ward against this kind of negativity can include sprinkling sea salt around one’s home (especially outside doorways), or asperging with rosemary sprigs dipped in salted water. Some also believe that carrying crystals/stones such as quartz or lapis lazuli can further protect one from the negativity of others.

How to Make a Charm Against the Evil Eye

One way to thwart the effects of the Evil Eye is to create a charm by using blue eye beads (or black eye beads) or the Hamsa Hand, which is an open palm image resembling a hand with three fingers pointing up. The symbol has been used as a sign of protection throughout many cultures, including Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. The Hamsa Hand can be used alone or with the blue or black eye beads. To use this charm in breaking off its curse, one can attach eye beads around the Hamsa Hand – this will act as your defensive shield against any negative energy that may come your way.

Or, you can just make a charm by adding a blue or black eye bead to a necklace or bracelet. Or a Hamsa hand. Your choice. If the charm breaks – it is said that it thwarted the evil eye.

Another method I’ve seen involves tying seven knots into a red cord or thread while chanting prayers to protection Daemons before knotting each one. This red thread should be worn around your neck or wrist (or kept in a pocket or purse) as your own personal protection while out in public or spaces where you could potentially come into contact with someone who wishes you harm. Additionally, people often place these symbols in their homes above doorways for additional protection against any unwanted attention coming their way. Kind of like some people will place protection sigils or even Daemonic sigils of protectorate Daemons above their doorways.

What about Internet Protection?

For what it’s worth you could simply post pictures of protective sigils or amulets to your social media spaces, and perform blessings over your phone, computer, or tablet on a regular basis to guard yourself from negativity entering your space via the internet.

Feel free to share your own methods for protection against the evil eye in the comments below!

1 thought on “The Evil Eye

  1. Darlington

    I work at a business where a competitor has been jealous and envious of me from the very first day I stepped foot there.
    What made this worse is that the evil eye caster is a practitioner of voodoo. Now because I am a demonolater ( ironically the demon Saalasaash brought me to that place for aa financial breakthrough after I invoked him to help me get extra income ) I therefore could sense his energy from the very first day. He tried everything to get rid of me but couldn’t, from slandering, gossip, trying to get ne evicted, keeping malice you name it.
    My solution was this, I would practice the LBR Pentagramm daily before going to work. I adapted that ritual to include my own form where I would place both of my hands (palm side facing front of me) and I would say ” I banish , sickness and disease, premature death, accident , any negative encounter with the law, any spell , entity, egregor, thought form , or spell cast against me from whatever source” and also call out the names of my two kids to be covered with protection.

    I did this almost daily for 6 years. Result, my business grew from the very first week, I dominated and attracted more customers ( which infuriated him even more) and I currently dominate business and sales there. Plus , I have never been sick, had an accident or any of the things I would speak out verbally and banish after doing the LBRP.

    I also wear a blue evil eye band on my left wrist .

    This guy has grown to fear and respect me and give nne my space. He realizes I am under some sort of protection as I have continued to thrive and excel better than him right under his nose.

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