The Importance of Timing

I have always felt that timing was important. In business, in relationships, in practically everything. But more so than that, I have always believed there was a significance to the timing of certain events in my life. As if they were meant to happen at exactly that moment. And as I have grown older, I have begun to notice patterns in my own behavior that seem to correspond with certain times of the year. Are these two beliefs related, or are they merely coincidences that I am reading too much into? Could certain times of the year engender specific behaviors or trends that lead to corresponding life events? Many beliefs say this is the case, but personally, I wanted to look more closely at my own thoughts and actions.

At this time of year my thoughts are generally focused on the future and what will be done in the coming months, while as the seasons move forward, my thoughts and focus do as well. In the spring I am taking the first steps towards accomplishing the year’s objectives. Planting seeds so to speak. Summer is usually a flurry of activity for me, as I maintain and sustain what I have begun. Fall and early winter bring a focus on my goals, their progress, and eventual completion. After reflecting upon my prior behavior, I have realized that many of the transitions and changes in my life have been a result of this exact process. Whether it was a major move, a change in vocation, or simply a personal goal or aspiration, the ‘spark’ that got me motivated happened in the early part of the year. Throughout the spring I was actively doing whatever I could to get things rolling, and during summer I was constantly maintaining and building upon whatever I had already done. At the end of the year, things were either going well, and I was flush, or things had gone poorly and the end was near. Is it pure coincidence that this pattern perfectly emulates the cycle of the seasons, and nature itself? While I live a completely city-dwelling existence, would my thought process and actions not be the exact same as someone who worked close to the earth? Upon further inspection, is this not the progression of everything? The life cycle of the earth dominates everything that we are, and everything that we do. Any project, any undertaking, any life, will take on this exact progression. And so if that explains the behavior, what about the timing? Is it astrologically driven? Is it simply hard-wired into our existence as inhabitants of the Earth? After all of our advances and accomplishments, are our thoughts and processes still the same as they’ve been?

In Paths to Satan I talk about how many of the holidays and celebrations of the ancient civilizations were much more concerned with this natural cycle, than any other event. In fact the Deities that were venerated and worshiped during those celebrations were almost always directly associated with the corresponding season or cycle. Is not the worship of Demons, and Satan, in part the worship of the cycles and natural elements that they are associated with? Is not their worship, the worship of all that it means to be a part of this world, as well as the next? And if that is the case, is it not our duty to live our lives, pursue our destinies, and apply our magic, on Nature’s schedule?



1 thought on “The Importance of Timing

  1. Lazulli

    Ive felt that way many times, and my life has undergone just too much dramatic changes in last year, 2013 was kind of the roller coaster yer in my life, and I must say it pretty much its going to define a lot of what Its going to come in a future time, but still ever since I started to practice Magic events have started to pile up upon the time, everything threads in strange ways, its hard to explain.

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