The Relaxing Quality of Clouds

Are you high-strung? Stressed out? Feeling a bit anxious? In this fast-paced deadline driven world we live in, some of us (those of us who live our lives on a deadline) need to remember to take a minute to relax.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to do this is to sit back and watch clouds. In recent years my DH and I did some renovations to the outside of our house so we would spend more time outdoors. It was a good investment of our time because I find myself using the space more frequently now. I like going out by myself around seven at night just to watch the sky. This year, with all the weather, its been both beautiful and dangerous. The sky, in the splendor of Lucifer rising, gives us the most beautiful nature shows accompanied by a soundtrack of bird-song.

What a wonderous thing the sky is; always changing. It moves slowly, taking its time. Clouds rolling over clouds. The sky is entrancing. Some of my most moving meditations happen as I watch those clouds. This is my air meditation, different from earth, fire and water.

For contrast: Earth meditation is solid and focused. It happens when my hands are buried wrist deep in soil and I’m working with my plants. Or raking autumn leaves off the lawn. I am focused on the doing and connecting with the solid foundation of my physical form. Water meditation is moving, flowing. I walk, I think. My creativity flows free. The movement loosens all those things holding me back. Fire meditation is closed and self-focused on sensation. The warmth of the sun against my skin.

It’s only the air meditation that is a visual delight whether those clouds bring shade, rain, thunder or lightening. I stare up at them and just watch. I’m in the moment, entranced by their resplendent beauty. During that meditation all is right with the world and I am a part of all that is. And when I disconnect – I am me again and I take with me, into me, all that is Lucifer.