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In today’s world of magick, many magick users tend to want to conduct quick rituals and instant results..  With Threshold magick, it is not quick and the results are unseen. Long time students of magick, they avoid true Threshold magick and do simple cleansing of a room because it is faster.  Sometimes speed and simple is good, but should not be the norm in your arsenal.  Threshold magick should not be overlooked, it should be a common practice for all.   Unlike cleansing and warding, Threshold magick should be more permeant and a long term practice to maintain it and strengthen it, one should give their all when they do it (blood and time). If you fail to strengthen it, it’ll fade away ( not unless you are in a ancestral home). But most of us is not lucky in living in their great great grandparent’s home, most are in apartments.

Threshold magick is your front line of defense in protecting your home and yourself, when you are away and when you are sleep. Also can limit how often you need to cleanse a place also you can tap into it for your magick.

My discription of the task seems simple, but its not. I am not going to give out my version, but you can fill in the blanks and adapt it to your own beliefs.

First off there are different versions. Some say you can just do hand gestures at a doorway to complete it, which I don’t like… Some say you can draw your sigils and symbols on paper or curtains and hang them at your doorways, this is good if your a nomad and not planning to stick around for long (but this is not a healthy solution, since the magick requires direct contact with the threshold, but I’m sure you can work around it if you need too). My prefer method is direct writing, painting, drawing of the sigils and symbols right on the doorway.

There isn’t any solid written rules on what symbols or sigils one need to draw. I have friends who use German runes, Chinese symbols, Celtic knots.. It shows that Threshold Magick is old and found worldwide in any belief system.

Use symbols you can relate to for protection, charge them with your blood and oil. Say an incantation to protect you on the physical, mental, and spiritual plane from all negative energies and actions that may harm you and your home.  Again it sounds simple, but it can take awhile to complete. I know some that it taken a week to complete, it’ll test your skills in magick, be it a first time learner to even active practitioner.. It is good to do it over and over to practice and refrain the Threshold with your new skills and understanding.  Your version of Threshold magick will  change and evolve over your life time..

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  1. NightWARRIOR666

    This has consistently been the most informative , helpful and inspiring of all the sites that I’m subscribed to!
    and this piece again perfectly timed for my needs today .
    I thank U guys!
    U do help and U do make a difference!

  2. Bluemidknight

    I am happy that this post is something useful.. I hope that all magick practitioners do come back to the basic roots of Threshold.. 😀

  3. Lex

    Great post. No matter how lax I get sometimes in my practices, I’ve always made sure to keep my room protected. I didn’t even know Threshold magic had a name – it just seemed like a good idea. XD

    Ever since I was twelve or so, when I first got interested in magic, I’ve taped small pieces of paper with shield-runes on them over the door and windows in my room – I don’t have this in my current room, because I haven’t had a problem with anything coming in uninvited, and I don’t want to discourage entities that I have invited, since my dorm room and my ritual space are one and the same.

    Nowadays the only kind of protection I have on my door is a red strip of cloth tied around the doorknob. I had a major problem with losing things for a while, and my boyfriend (he’s quite Catholic, though totally cool with Demonolatry and very superstitious about the fey) suggested that I might have accidentally done something to anger the fey, and I should distract them from taking my things by putting something red on my door. I did, and haven’t had a problem since.

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