When You’re Feeling Disconnected

Every so often I get contacted by someone who feels disconnected with the Daemonic and they ask me how to get back on track.

There can be many reasons for a disconnect, but I find these four are the most common:

1. You’ve fallen out of love with the practice. When we start working with Daemons, there’s this forbidden excitement surrounding the work. But, like with anything, the newness and excitement wears off. The work is no longer dark and scary, or as exciting as it once was, and what you’re actually feeling isn’t a “disconnect”, but rather the lack of excitement, which a lot of people mistake for a disconnect. The Fix: If you’re hooked on the excitement, and the loss of it, it may be time to really explore WHY you’re practicing and whether it’s just part of an image or something sincere. This exploration of WHY you chose your path, WHAT you believe, and whether or not you’ve chosen the right path is often enough to give a practitioner enough perspective to decide whether or not to continue with the practice. Please note that it’s okay to walk away if Daemonolatry or magick was just a “phase” for you. It is for a lot of people and only about 25% of people (approximately) who get into a magickal practice or LHP spiritual paradigm will actually stick with the practice beyond 10 years. Not everyone is destined to be a lifelong Daemonolater/mage and that’s okay.

2. You are stressed out. Especially with magickal/spiritual practice, most people are “weekend magicians”. They keep their magick in the closet most of the time, and only pull it out when they need something, or on weekends or evenings when they have time for it. Their Daemonolatry is it’s own little part of their life that gets hidden away until it’s convenient and needed. What I’m saying is people tend to compartmentalize their life like this. So, when other areas of one’s life are in turmoil and you’re stressed about your relationships, your family, your job — it is VERY common to feel the disconnect because you’re too preoccupied or stressed out to be fully present for the spiritual practice and/or the magick. People who incorporate Daemonolatry into every part of their life are less likely to feel this disconnect. The Fix: Start meditating 10 minutes every day, and “opening and closing” your altar/temple every day. By opening and closing I mean reciting enns for the Daemon(s) you’re working with [or the elementals] lighting a candle and an incense stick in the morning, and again at night. Let the candle burn about 5 minutes each time.  A lot of people also report that getting back to nature helps reconnect them in instances like this.

3. You dwell in Daemonic presence. This tends to start happening for people who have had a daily practice for 10+ years. We fall into routines and habits and get settled in our magickal ways.  Your home becomes so saturated with Daemonic energy, you find comfort in it and you are no longer able to “feel” that energy change in a room when the Daemonic appear because you’re used to it. It’s your new normal. You mistake it as the natural comfort of being home. The Fix: Head out into nature (or any location outside your home temple) and do some magick/ritual, or mix things up and try a ritual construct new to you!  Basically – step out of your comfort zone.

4. You don’t practice regularly. You’d be amazed at how not having a disciplined, regular practice, can decrease your feelings of connectedness. It also decreases your chances of having those supernatural experiences so many people crave as proof. The more you practice, the higher the number of experiences you have. The Fix: Start a daily practice and stick with it! If you are unsure how to start a daily practice – check out these posts. Daily Practice, Daily Ritual, Regular Practice.

Have you ever experienced a disconnect? What was the issue and how did you correct it? Share your expertise in the comments.