You Don’t Have to be Poor to be Spiritual

There was recently a conversation on one of my social media pages where another Daemonolater made it a point to reply to a pretty benign post (a link to Daemonic Prosperity Magick) about how they weren’t on this path for the money. It was purely spiritual for them. The virtue signaling was strong, suggesting anyone who practiced Daemonolatry and aspired to prosperity (monetary or other) was not as spiritual as those who didn’t worry about mundane things. As if living on the breadline wasn’t a big deal. The post had a very admonishing tone to it, as if anyone who aspired to any type of prosperity in their lives (particularly monetary comfort or a fulfilling career) should be ashamed because they were not as spiritual as those who did not aspire to anything in their lives other than a spiritual connection with the Daemonic Divine. It, basically, in subtext, suggested that poverty was a more spiritual existence.

This might be true if you’re a Buddhist or a Christian, or belong to some other spiritual paradigm where poverty (in any sense of the word) is somehow a virtue. However, Daemonolatry is not generally one of those spiritual paradigms.  That’s not to say all Daemonolaters should aspire to great things in the physical world (including financial comfort) if that’s not their will. Some people do enjoy a simple existence and if that is their will, then so be it. But the truth of the matter is that the vast majority of us do like not having to worry about financial security, and do want to have careers that fulfill us as part of our Great Work. 

That said, money is nothing more than a tool. Not something to be worshipped in and of itself. At the same time, money has a lot of power to help us lead more focused, less-troubled lives. And there’s no shame in wanting that. Anyone who’s lived in poverty can tell you that when you don’t know if you’ll be able to pay the rent or put food on the table, it causes stress and throws a person into survival mode, and it’s really hard to focus on things like our Great Work when we’re just surviving instead of thriving.

I propose the Daemons want their adherents to thrive in this physical life. But I also propose that what thriving looks like will vary from person to person, and it’s not anyone else’s job (or business) to shame someone for wanting a simple life any more than it is to shame someone who wants to be comfortable financially and happy in their career. 

We each define what wealth and prosperity look like for us. For some, wealth means having enough time to do our spiritual work, or time to spend with our loved ones. For others, they’re prosperous when surrounded by family and friends. And yes, for some people, prosperity means a comfortable retirement and a cushy day job. There’s nothing wrong with any of that.

So, before you start judging someone else for what they want in their life, or trying to shame them for needing more cash or wanting a successful career, stop and take a deep breath. Why do you feel so threatened by their wants and goals? It’s never a good idea to immediately start virtue signaling by spouting how much better a spiritual life is to a comfortable one (as if the two are mutually exclusive, which they’re not), check your privilege and stand back and realize that someone else’s definitions may be different. It’s easy for someone who’s never struggled to say the magician should only focus on the spiritual and not the mundane, but the fact is they’re interconnected. 

Usually when people feel disconnected from the spiritual, it’s because they’re often struggling with a mundane situation. It’s hard to be spiritual when you’re in survival mode. Working toward changing those mundane situations making you miserable into something more comfortable gives you more freedom to live a spiritual life. 

And that’s why I write books about working with Daemons for money, success, and things of a mundane nature. That’s also why people buy and use said books. They want to get their mundane shit in order (which often takes a lot of deep shadow work, i.e. spiritual work) so they can be free to feel more fulfilled and more connected spiritually. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Trying to shame other Daemonolaters with the idea of poverty equaling spirituality in a spiritual paradigm that exalts the power of and the Daemonic within the self, feels like something the rich preach to the poor to make them feel better about being one check away from homelessness or starvation. Like something the Catholic church preached to peasants back in the Middle Ages to keep them humble and under control.  Not like someone who wants people to empower themselves and find their own wealth and prosperity (however they define it) in the mundane world. We’re not a death cult where we spend our entire lives preparing for death and the fantasy of a grand afterlife.

We are alive right now, right here. You only have one life, and no one is guaranteed another day. You can either grab your life by the tail and bend it to your will, or you can sit around waiting for things to happen, and then reacting to it. A reactionary life may not be nearly as fulfilling as a purpose driven one. Which one you choose is up to you.

In conclusion, never let anyone else define what your life should look like, or what prosperity and wealth look like for you. That’s not what Daemonolatry is about. It’s about empowering yourself to live your life to its full potential, or however the hell you want to live it.

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11 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to be Poor to be Spiritual

  1. Someone somewhere

    Speaking of privilege, not everyone can have a career or even a good job, will or no will, magick or no magick. Magick might be able to set you up with the interview but if you dont have the skills, the resume or the people skills you might as well be fishing in a swimming pool.

    1. Steph Post author

      This is true, too. Not everyone has the same opportunities for education (or the same drive or ambition), which makes the work that much more difficult. Not impossible, mind you. But it’s definitely a more uphill battle. I’ve known people who have had to do a lot of spiritual work, and physical work, to get the education and learn the skills, to get where they wanted to be. But it was an uphill fight the entire way. And this is why prosperity magick doesn’t always manifest the same results for everyone (or even any results for some people), and why establishing wealth can be more challenging than most people think. People don’t often realize the intensity of the work they have to do to get what they want, and may ultimately decide it’s not worth it.

  2. Joey

    Thank you, Steph!
    The topic of prosperity magick is akin to love magick. Much more than just a spell will usually be needed. If I want to address either issue (or even other big issues), I’ll probably ask for understanding first, and follow what that entails. Go full moon:)

  3. Megan

    I’ve had times in my life when I was comfortable, others where my financial security was hugely stressful. My spiritual life always took a nose dive whenever I was struggling with money, so it is reassuring to read a post acknowledging that mundane concerns do impact on spiritual development 🙂

  4. Christine Filas

    Being poor myself, I agree that it makes all aspects of this reality more difficult. I wealthy in the fact that my health is excellent and I’m an old broad and I give thanks for that daily. Monetary wealth has never come to me, so I just make do with what little I have. Take it from one who is living the reality poverty doesn’t make you any more anything except POOR.

  5. Violante

    Dear Steph,

    I have an urgent question and I’d be most obliged if you can provide any guidance.

    I have 20 years of magical practice, 15 years on evocation, and currently I’m focused on sheer wealth, success and beauty magic.

    I was fascinated by your Sex, Money and Power book, as I’m interested in working with high achieving demons such as Belphegor, Lucifuge, Clauneck, Sorath and Mammon that can help me achieve the lifestyle I got used to and sorely miss right now (I have a tricky family history when it comes to money, filled with riches to rags takes, which led to self sabotage and money always being my Achilles- heel mundane and magically wise- despite my fairly privileged start in life, being surrounded by very wealthy people and being a hard working person).

    However, I’m concerned because in your book you confirm that if misdirected, these daemons may harm your family in the process. I want wealth and success, but my family is everything to me and there’s no happiness in riches without the people I love.

    I have sources from where the money can flow-I worked in self improvement a lot and my business is ready to run and make money from various streams of income. I also have some past work that can eventually bring royalties and I play lottery for fun every now and then, so they wouldn’t be forced to, like you say, improvise.
    I also seal each spell, no matter how small, with specific clauses not to harm these people or myself, and to bring the result with life and good health for our family.

    Is this enough to make working with them safe, or is there still room for God forbid what?

    This fear paralyses me.

    Also, is there any shielding and longevity work you recommend to safeguard loved ones?

    I’d appreciate your help immensely, because I have urgency in raising some much needed money soon, but I need to do this safely.

    Many thanks


    1. Steph Post author

      There is no such thing as a surefire safety net when it comes to magick. And your fear of it harming the ones you love could actually manifest that because you believe it. We manifest what we believe and hold true. So keep that in mind as well. All that Judeo-Christian conditioning is like a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. That said, as long as you’re specific that you want a particular project to make money, or that you want your lottery ticket to win, that should keep them from killing off wealthy old Aunt Martha. I’m just saying you don’t want to necessarily gamble by throwing out a blank, “I want to be wealthy” if you know Aunt Martha left her fortune to you, and in order for you to get it – she has to die (and that would be devastating to you and the rest of the fam). SO BE SPECIFIC in the projects you want to succeed. That should help keep the family free of kicking the bucket too soon.

      1. Violante

        Thank you so much, you are a marvel! Much appreciated. I really need to work on my fears that frankly I’m not sure where they come from. Also, may I ask about Sorath, when you say to be careful with him is it because you might get unwanted side effects to fame, or is it physical danger?

        I’m curious as frankly I hardly heard of him before. I remember seeing the name but not his powers.

        Again, many thanks

        1. Steph Post author

          Unwanted attention, haters, vocal critics, everyone wanting a piece of you, an overflow of appearances at events, opportunities thrown in your path (more than you can possibly say yes to) — all of this all at once while still having to function, create, and perform. Basically – all the negative aspects of fame, or all the areas you’re weak in or unable to handle, he’ll highlight all of that by throwing you in the deep end, standing back, and watching if you sink or swim. It will take your career to the next level (if you don’t sink), but it can be really brutal unless you’re ready for it.

  6. Kimmie

    I don’t see why it should be wrong to want wealth, either. I mean, if someone does these things for the wrong reasons, I am sure the demonic divine would not let them get very far with it. But someone isn’t evil or not spiritual enough just because they “selfishly” want to get money. I also “selfishly” crave the material thing that is food – because I am a material being. I can’t eat spirituality and I also can’t pay my bills with it. Our material existence doesn’t end when we step into the veil. This reminds me of that Swiss woman who died of starvation because she thought sunlight was all she needed to live. There is a definitive line between spirituality and insanity. And you cross said line when you forget what plane of existence you currently inhibit and what kind of limitations it imposes on you.

    Besides, though we may learn through mistakes and suffering, a life devoid of joy would be worthless. Why would we do anything at all if we knew it would never get better? How can we say the demonic divine feeds on our positive emotions if we don’t work for joy? We’d starve them along with us for no reason at all.

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