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This Month’s Blogging Topic

I was so wrapped up in the contest earlier this month that I forgot to mention this month’s blogging topic. This month the bloggers talk about Traditional vs. Free Form Demonolatry – Perspectives on staying completely traditional vs blending demonolatry with other pagan beliefs vs doing whatever the hell you want and calling it demonolatry. Looks […]

June How-To

Welcome readers! Pardon the intrusion but I am introducing this month’s topic since Frank is busy. It seems a few of our bloggers got busy this summer, so expect postings to be sporadic the next few months. This month is our June How-To (or Blogger’s Choice). That means you just don’t know what you’re going […]

Introducing the DB Publishing Chapbook Series

DB Publishing is currently seeking submissions for our Chapbook Series of books. These  books are generally between 50-80 pages (that’s between 20K-30K word count) and focus on a topic of interest to Daemonolaters. These topics can include (but certainly aren’t limited to) Sigil Magick Goetia topics Grimoiric Magick (wherein Daemons are treated respectfully) Candle Magick […]