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Sigillum Diaboli

Sigillum Diaboli is a complete guide to Daemonolatry-based sigil divination using both Dukanté and Goetic sigil sets. The book includes information on how to make your sigil sets, how to do a reading, and includes the divination meanings of over 85 Daemonic sigils. 126 pages of daemonic sigil divination goodness. Initial release available in hardcover on […]

Your Spiritual Journey

I’ve always found it fascinating how our culture has turned something as unique and sacred as personal spirituality into some sort of bizzare competition where the “loser” is everyone but ourselves. Perhaps it’s the human need to be “right” or somehow “special” and to have others validate that, that causes the “who’s right and who’s […]

Nuctemeron Gates

Nuctemeron Gates discusses the Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana as a full path-working ritual for the adept and as a complete gate opening ritual to bring the “light of the world” manifest into the magus. Please note that this book is meant as a supplement to Infernal Colopatiron : A Manual of Daemonic Theophany. However, Infernal […]

They Way Things Go

Yes, it’s Angie’s day, but looking at the rest of the bloggers it appears that maybe Angie won’t be posting either. So here I am in her stead to apologize for being a slacker and not posting this month. Truthfully I had a wonderful blog planned out. I did. I was going to write about  connecting […]

High John Oil

So a friend of mine who runs his own occult shop was rotating his herb stores last month (nothing old and nasty in his store). He asked me if there was anything I wanted. I told him I could really use some High John. I’ve been needing some extras to do some experimentation in the […]