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The Myth of the Magickal Quick-Fix

I receive emails weekly where someone wants me to make them a pact, item, amulet, fetish, oil, incense, or other mixture that will magickally fix all their life’s ills. As if possessing the item alone, or having someone else do the work for them will allow them to sit back and collect their millions, their […]

The Importance of a Regular Practice

As an author and teacher, I am constantly getting emails filled with questions about Daemonolatry and magick. I don’t mind this because I have assistants who help me answer the vast volume of mail I receive. What’s interesting is a lot of the questions we get can be answered quite simply, “Establish a regular practice.” […]

The Sacred Word

I use a lot of profanity. A lot. I use fuck as a noun, a verb, a pronoun, an adverb and an adjective. I’m also fond of creative profanity like “cock blowing bitch fucker”, “twat-knocker”, and “cunt-cakes”. I also grew up in the family business (male dominated) where I was exposed to profanity daily from […]

Modification & Practice Series: Mini-Guides

These were my “public service” projects for 2013. I call them that because free copies of these mini-guides are available to anyone who wants them.They’re not lengthy tomes, but each one took time to produce. Hence The Modification & Practice Series is here! There are three books in this series. The first is Modified Daemonolatry: […]

On Prayer

Prayer its a practice of worship, and If recall well Jason Miller’s explanation, the etymology of whorship its “To recognize Worth”, we pray to connect with those entities that are worthy into our lifes, Daemons, Gods, Etc. Prayer could be much of a conversational act, a show consideration, because the forces we call are living […]


Prayers exist in many religions. Those of us raised in Christian households (or those of you who have heard “Enter Sandman” by Metallica) probably know the one that goes something to the effect of “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I […]

Groveling in Servitude and Other Amusing Assumptions

I admit it – prayer is one of those aspects of spirituality that I haven’t always been comfortable with. In my younger years, before  I really understood what it meant to “pray”, I always envisioned those who prayed as groveling servants hoping deity would throw them a bone for being subservient and obedient. As I got older […]