Author: Lazulli

Patreon Launch!

Since all the stuff I do occult related is hard condense I’m launching a Patreon for those interested in artwork, 3d printed stuff, schemes, crafts, readings, occult spells that I rarely publish it will be available there as rewards for donations I will be takign requests so if you feel like asking something non occult […]

Its not a Gold coin

If we consider that Demonolatry its a Khemetic-Hermetic Shamanistic alchemical spiritual practice, the core of its spiritual path requires going a little further than prayer sometimes, Why? because Demonolatry its a magical religion, not a moral based dogma, Daemons don’t give a hoot if you think abortion its right or wrong, its an action that […]


Spiritual and Magical practice in my case are unseparable, I do a lot of magic that has consecuences in my life and that usually pushes inner reflections unto my being and how I relate to the universe and how the universe relates to me, since Im the center of activity into my own life I […]

On Prayer

Prayer its a practice of worship, and If recall well Jason Miller’s explanation, the etymology of whorship its “To recognize Worth”, we pray to connect with those entities that are worthy into our lifes, Daemons, Gods, Etc. Prayer could be much of a conversational act, a show consideration, because the forces we call are living […]