Yule and Holidays!

Happy Holidays! May this be a good season for you!

Right now Im in a wierd spot, I write this from my Grandparent’s house in Mexico City, which its a small appartment in which 7 people are crammed up, counting a nurse that helps my Grandad of 96 year old do everything, my Yule rite had to be reduced to walking over the gardens of the nearby buildings and doing a very short Invocation to Belial and to meditate on the nature around me, ┬áthere are lots of trees and flowers, pink roses and lilies are all over the place which its really soothing to see and smell while walking around the block, in fact walking around has been a reuniting with my child memories, looking everything with a bit of awe used to be a nice habit I used to remember and the plants sprouting around here always made me feel a bit more in touch with nature.

So this holidays are not going to be great with celebration, with my grandad needing so much help and some people around the house not being strong enough or being sick too, Its been hell of a lot of work to help around whats needed, and the spirits are definetively not up these days.

Today I realized my new Buddhist – Turkish (Turkish because the artisan added a blue turkish eye agaisnt the evil eye and a hamsa fatima) Rosary Mala has eight beads before a turkish eye bead, 9 beads in total, it was kind of a coincidental detail that made me decide that this is going to be my demonolatry rosary.

I bought “Your Unseen Power: Real Training in Western Magic” by Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki Audio Book and work book:

both by retaking some magical practice bases and to start some meaningful work with the Egyptian Pantheon, since I dont have that much info on Khemetic Pratice I might start aswell getting familiar with the Gods in some serious pathworking, Ive like what Ive seen so far and I’d recomend it to people barely starting with Magic.

There is not much else to say, you dont have to start doing big stuff or trying to take great leaps in magic, take time to absorb that of what you must learn, this is kind of a reminder to myself but hopefully it will help somebody else.

Cheers to your health!
Blessings of Belial!