Evolution into what?

The other day I happened to defend the Book of Oberon from the idea that the king of Fairies is somehow a forgery of Daniel Herms and James. R Clark, by remembering the fact that his presence predates John Dee (which by any means wasn’t even intended to debate the person making the original affirmation because I don’t even know him or his tradition, heck I’m not really the one to judge him either), which probably was the influence in Elizabetian England to make a play starring him by William Shakespeare, Oberon is nowhere is Slavic traditions or probably not even in traditional Draoich that I know of, but somebody wrote magic about him along Satan and other spirits, which was the core of treasure hunting magicians (Which after checking dates kind of made me wish for a second Alexander Willit was pirate, I know its probably bullshit from my own wishful thinking but picture this: (Meeting a raspy voice in the Darkness saying “I’m Captan’ Alexander Wilit, to the service of her majesty Elizabeth I, and scurvy dog of our unholiest lord of hell, Satan”, Tell me that ain’t a picture to blow everyone out of their underwear right where they are standing?!).

I have for years seen magicians fighting over who is more right than who, where can they get more sources, what is traditional and what is not, if the Necronomicon is Legit, if they feel unimpressed with chaos magic, and well Deamonolatry has had its good share of slamming over generations, and after a few praising of my stance on the whole Oberon thing, I got some positive attention.. that I probably didn’t even deserved much because I just pointed some facts of things that anyone could have probably checked for from the Book of Treasure Spirits by David Rankine, I’m not sure how that gives me cookie mage points but I appreciate the positive attention to a grade I’m too bashful to admit, but it also it begs to consider when other people or even us have given the same treatment to things we are doubtful about.

Still its strange, Daemonolatry its hardly out from scrutiny by a lot of Traditionally purist mages, specially if they want to point out about the lack of information on Alexander, or how nothing surfaced to public until the 60s, and at this point a lot of you have raised a brow and said “So what?”, I’ve heard some of the Daemonolatry practitioners have grown into the tradition from birth, and kept it in the family, a lot of you aren’t really checking what other magicians are into these days and even less interested into making much of an ecumenical interchange of things that where never in contradiction in the first place.

We live in times where diversity should makes us richer, except it doesn’t, internet gives us access to all the information around the world and somehow, we have never ever been less excited about it.

Is it that a lot of people interested in esoteric themes sometimes are weird and looking for quick power to make all their dreams come true from night over?, is that some of those guys happened to have tinfoil hats and where sure the Reptilian Annunaki where going to suck our brains right from their Planet X?, are they just old farts resisting change and look newer traditions as a Millenial thing and hate us for our iEnns and Skateboards?

True to that everyone’s esoterically development its quite different, not only that, how they embody it its quite enormously different and you can see it even in their personality, some Solomonic Magicians are very true to a very sort of Judeo-Christian idea in the way that the Jews disliked the old rites to Baal’Sabaoth because they left offering left to rot until they where covered with flies, that’s why they came up with the name Belzebuth in the first place, and they might not see it exactly that way now but if you cannot get the spectrum of the spirit beyond the opposing idea, it creates a pattern of behavior that continues even if its not the original intention as long as you keep associating a spirit to the same things, you cannot grasp the whole potential of interacting with it, that why I do care about History as much as practice, because once you go to the roots of some things you can make a multilayered spectrum of things you can add into practice, but when new practices are made and new spirit names come and technique and theory that hasn’t been written before in history adds on top the rejection is imminent, and Magicians that are usually in established lodge traditions usually shoot first, and followers make echo.

But if you think about it the Sloane texts don’t have Millennia, Enochian doesn’t Have Millennia of being written, not all the spirits described by John Dee where known from biblical times, and certainly Oberon its no where to be found in the Bible or Sumerian or Egyptian or Greek traditions, so by the standard of today’s magicians John Dee actually doesn’t pass the test by that logic in the late 1500’s, then Samuel L McGregor Mathers, Israel Regardie, Aleister Crowley would fare even worst, by those terms, and to the esoteric tradition that saw the incarceration of Giordano Bruno they where the chaos magicians riding their Neomasonic Style with all those checkered floors and LVX… things.

So why bash Richard Dukante for not accommodating to the traditions?, Why grabbing into the lack of data about Alexander Wilit and say, “But you don’t have enough proof, where is your evidence?”…

And somehow no one asks for evidence on that the guys who wrote the Sloane texts, the Grimoires, or John Dee where where legit, most of those guys where Anonymous, and one of them even moonlighted as a pope so everyone would think he was legit (or not burnable in a fire).

I can see why S Ben Qayin is kind of effed with the whole legit discussions lately, because they have becomed a whole vortex pointless arguments, because by strictly scientifical data the Necronosimon has the same validity as Liber al Vel Legis and the Bible, and while some people feel “Become a Living God” is pretentious marketing selling pseudo spirituality to the capitalist public, some other people spend tons of money and time in the hope of finding the Philosophers Stone and their labs and mysteriously heal all the diseases by reciting over and over Psalms, and deem it totally aceptable.

Some times they come to shove their Gold and platinum spoons to my face, other they die from a sore throat because they refused to take antibiotic, but in the bashing end how old or new a technique is probably has to do more about our incapabilty to trust what other people is doing and specially when has notorious differences and less with if its legit or not, because by all means judging legitimacy by age is a double standard, because in that regard we wouldn’t have a Greco-Egyptian Tradition in the first place, because by the Greek state religion of ancient time there was no reason to have a Greco-Egytian tradition, and yet somehow somebody did, and we don’t even know who that someone is, and yet there is a Greco-Egyptian tradition, there is a Hermanubis, a combination of two gods of different cultures that by the Athenian standard should have not been, after all Cthonic religions of the Thracians was shunned and looked down, and somehow even after all those years we have just been repeating over and over the same pattern of behavior, when somebody mentions the void and chaos, and darkness there a lot of people rolling eyes like “Oh these goths talking about dark stuff again”, but if their rites have a Typhon and Apophis, or you are required to repeat the travel of Osiris to the underworld with Anubis guidance and is told by a well established Lodge Master, nobody in social media is batting an eye.

And don’t get me wrong, I know where a lot of the Lodge Leaders in other traditions come from, I know they have their own trajectory made in blood and sweat and I know some of them have gained love and respect for good reasons, and that probably is the very reason they are resisting some things with every cell in their bodies and smugly firing shots some things come up in conversation, its kind of understandable, but not justifiable in this day and age.

Tranhumanism is upon us (No is not a pipedream unlike some have said, its here and its gradually taking strength and interest, and I will slap you with a giant photo of Neil Harbisson if need some evidence), our curriculums are loosing terrain against artificial intelligence everyday, and if we are going to resist all that is new as unfounded, It is going to be a shock that your grand kids might be more interested to work with XaTuring than any of the old Traditions, at least he makes sense with their neural implants for augmented reality live neural feeds.

Here this post dedicated to  the magical community in general not asking you to change anything you are doing right now, but to consider everyone’s space in a little less judgmental way.

Jadean Lazulli.

Addendum: This blog does not justify in any way going to another person’s group that is entirely focused on there; or to an author of certain tradition and make your posture, If you don’t like something being discrete is the better part of valor, that’s why I wrote this point of view in on here instead of smearing it all over Facebook

And all being said work both ways because Respect is two way road.

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  1. michael todd

    I agree it makes me laugh at these so called Magician that always say this not right or that is not right. I know the magic I do works and don,t care about what someone say,s

    1. Lazulli Post author

      Actually a lot of them do have some really nice stuff (that weather we are the target audience or not of those techniques and traditions its another story) , and know a lot of stuff in their own current, but being a master in a current does not automatically invalidate anything else, and it kind of sucks that the Occult community is 20% anthropology, 25% Practice, 45% arrogant smug in social networks on how years of experience seem to give you reason over other people, 5% openness into fair comparative results and ecumenical sharing in mutual beneficial growth… if you happen to find the community in a rarely good mood.

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