Coming back, and Comments on Cicada 3301

Its been a while since I’ve been on here, work has not been abundant so I’ve been hunting down work opportunities, and also well I broke my freaking left shoulder…

Back in June 10th, 2018, I went from Juarez to Chihuahua after trying to resolve a problem with some important paperwork and in the highway, a friend fell asleep while driving and we flipped in the car and I broke my humerus with the seatbelt and spent a lot of freaking time at the hospital with my humerus broken into twelve parts until it could finally be put together with a titanium plate and its not quite the same, but at least I got to keep my freaking left arm to work more or less like a regular arm.

Needless to say, the date to this point still has been quite dark times, inside and outside (because the whole geopolitical makes me feel like maybe I should bunker under a rock and never see humanity again), and If there is a time I have made some paces with my own mortality, this is probably it, also I had to move, and since now I have much more reduced space my practice has shifted quite a lot.

Moving on forward these days my friend Fauno Luperco a demonolater from Spain has been pointing me out the work of V.K. Jehannum, a magician that honestly I’ve heard mentioned but not thoughtfully explored his works, and the man he does have quite a bit everything, but eventually what caught my attention was a document about Cicada 3301, because I only knew them from the internet speculation and found out within the document there was a piece of criticism towards Generational Demonolatry and well I would like to address some of the commentary within it, though this is my own personal opinion it will not represent anyone else’s, but still I want to point out a few things:

Daemons and working with Daemons certainly goes back waaaay before Dukante or even Alexander Wilit, documents like The Greek Magical Papiry and the demotic spells, the Sloane Texts (Origin for Texts like the Book of Oberon and Book of Treasure spirits by other authors), Four Books of Occult Philosophy, Grimorium Verum, Black Pullet, The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, The Lesser Key of Solomon, etc.
And while from Dukante we might get Enns, or certain ways to work with them, certainly the Dukante family never owned exclusive rights to daemon work, and doesn’t seem to intend to do so, but if in Richard Dukante’s journals there is something mixed in magic and personal family matter’s, then it is Selinda’s own right to say what goes out and what doesn’t.

But even so, a lot has been published publically to give you quite a time to work with without even touching any of Richard’s diaries (at least not more than it probably already has been, and still I’ve heard more is coming to the public, just that its not ready right now), and if the payment bothers you, there is actually a lot of free information to start with and the kindle books are not even that expensive, at least not in comparison with the hard cover’s super special editions that abound on eBay, that I honestly don’t know who pays for them, and in the regard of getting monetary rewards from demon wisdom, I will say in the defense of the published work, that writing, editing, putting covers, and finding ways to distribute and print works, costs money in the capitalist system, which its still time you could use for doing any other job, and I don’t know if Cicada 3301 gets any funds or they just can work and make their organization function without money and without burning out, but other people have to go by the fields they can, and it needs money to do so, and occult publishing rarely gets all the money, just enough to sustain books being sold, even when its popular, the occult never outsells Deepak Chopra, for whatever reason.

In the regard of who defines the “tradition”, well the people who made the organization define it, I don’t think its a sin to define the members of a certain organization to any desired parameters, if you don’t like it you can always do your own thing, like Cicada 3301 choosing members based on their capabilities of cryptography, gematria, languages, and culture, or the Friends of Gallery of Magic that ultimately are doing “the Order” that I honestly found confusing and unclear, but its on their own right to do whatever they want, if they want to use Enns in their work, its a free country, we can tell them its not GenDem way, but if they find it effective and like what they do, go for it.

I was wierded out to find out that Generational Demonolatry was that important to be firing shots at, to begin with.
Since Cicada 3301 started with very intense criptography games, I would have ruled out that they are smarter than a lot of us to actually deem us important in any way (heck if the document had not been published Demunurgy would have been my last tought as for what Cicada 3301 was about), I for sure have very average mathematical skills and my cryptography knowledge probably does not go beyond basic level of basic level, so I must say the task that getting members with such skill its a very dam impressive task on its own, so dam impresive the mention will come up every now and then in vloggers and internet articles, but GenDem, does not own daemon work or daemons, and I don’t know a soul that would be dumb enough to suggest other wise, heck my own work has been drifting from GenDem from time to time to explore other sources, and they are not from expensive books or super hot authors, and still have some dam good research and information, also I don’t think Dukante’s information its exclusively needed to grow in this field, my last gnosis with Tiamat it was instructed to me “Do not attempt to be a Summerian man, a forgotten culture does not bide you well living in this age”, so maybe weather you are a GenDem or not, its a good idea to walk a bit futher without trying to replicate exactly whatever Dukante was doing, in the end, it might not even “bide well with us”.

That being said I think there is some validity to Victoria Brandon’s statements, in which the Occult, in general, has a lot of arrogance and inner jokes between authors and star figures, I have no doubt newcomers can feel that every approach is being treated very condescending from more experienced authors or spiritual workers, we can be very arrogant asshats, so its a very sane habit to check our own attitudes and tone down a bit into remembering all great thing likely have humble beginnings.

I hope to hear more from Cicada 3301, whatever they are doing its likely to very dam interesting, and I hope we can learn something from each other because the last thing the internet needs its more drama, It never ends in something that helps anyone grow.

P.S. also the video in their page it awesome, it kinda has the feeling of an astral journey on itself, I recommend to watch it.

If you can find it.

Cheers Jadean Lazulli