Spiritual and Magical practice in my case are unseparable, I do a lot of magic that has consecuences in my life and that usually pushes inner reflections unto my being and how I relate to the universe and how the universe relates to me, since Im the center of activity into my own life I really don’t like to merely observe, and its not about merely making use of magic in an instrumentalistic way, but as much as magic changes our lifes, the inner self must be refined, aspects that can be taught a little bit of illumination into our lifes, and its completely personal even when in possibility to affect those around you, you cannot expect magic to be effective without the proper expirience and focus, at least not the way you actually want.

That being said spirituallity hardly its passive either, being in contact with the divine usually involves movement or your life in some ways, and that means that even if you are not involved in a lot of magical work, you will have plenty to do (or not to do if medidation or other contexts included) about your life and yourself, maybe a less if you consider that you are stirring that cauldron way more softer, but none the less life will challenge us all.


Jadean Lazulli