On Prayer

Prayer its a practice of worship, and If recall well Jason Miller’s explanation, the etymology of whorship its “To recognize Worth”, we pray to connect with those entities that are worthy into our lifes, Daemons, Gods, Etc.

Prayer could be much of a conversational act, a show consideration, because the forces we call are living beings and just as any other person they took the time to put something of their energy, wisdom,  into our lives, and constantly contribute with it as we contribute back to them, its a two way relationship.

So to be a Demonolater its to Worship (To recognize the worth) of the Daemonic divine, and prayer gives us a way of making comunication besides complex ritual or magical operation and it opens ways to stay in touch even in situations you cant dedicate a lot of time, and I think its one the basics of any spiritual tradition is to pray.


Jadean Lazulli