I vouch for free minds

From my point of veiw Evangelism its a pretty way of saying of indoctrination, the problem its that we hate to recive it from groups outside our beliefs us but its tempting to try on others or stirr polemic around it, and it is a problem the moment the devotee deems himself perfect, since evangelism and indoctrination can get passionate, and don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong being passinate, but over doing it and for the wrong reasons it just tends to go into fiery stupidity.

Often I hear different points of veiw in heated debates, Atheists vs Religion (and vice versa), Christians vs Chatholics, and Satanics vs anything that reminds them of Christianism, but here is the thing, you are human being, you imperfect, your benevolence or reasons for indulgence both a have limit, you cannot apply moral rules, standards the same way to everything because the reference mark of your expirience has a limit that cannot reach everybody elses expiriences and when you start debating belifs that reach completely different Theological reference marks, you just end up looking stupid or stubborn, while you can always point obvious flaws and contradictions most of the debates will end up in nothing but angry people not talking to each other or worst, Jihads be it economical, social or actual belicose warfare.

The thing is you are not superior to anybody at anypoint for your beleifs (neither race or gender), no matter how much money you have, good looks, you could shoot out lasers out of your eyes and you could end up being a superpowerful prick if you used them to prove how superior you are, so I don’t look up good much to evangelization, I support letting the information be at reach of those whom want to study it, still Nick Farrell once pointed out the dubious quality of Golden Dawn Lodges went down when started to be permitted with fewer restrictions, so this doesn’t mean that everyone gets all things right just because they have the information, there are guides on the spritiual path; yet you to work it and make something by yourself, if you read book and adopt it on a one way purely dogmatic basis you are not growing spiritually, you have to live the most of those expiriences and make something out of it, Demonolatry its no necesarly everyone’s path, finally thats why we are free to choose and have options.


Jeadean Lazulli

2 thoughts on “I vouch for free minds

  1. Mallary

    Oh man. Thank you for this post. It’s so true. People get upset about what other religions do while doing the very same thing themselves. Love the post.

    1. Lazulli Post author

      Thanks!, equality and fairness can get lost in translation very oftenly and it makes coexistence really hard

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