Its not a Gold coin

If we consider that Demonolatry its a Khemetic-Hermetic Shamanistic alchemical spiritual practice, the core of its spiritual path requires going a little further than prayer sometimes, Why? because Demonolatry its a magical religion, not a moral based dogma, Daemons don’t give a hoot if you think abortion its right or wrong, its an action that has consecuences and you will live with them for the rest of your life, wheater they are good or bad, of course abiding the law and making responsable choices its encouraged , but morals are not the base of the spiritual growth in Daemonolatry, but the search for the understanding of the spiritual forces, their interrelation with the material forces, electromagnetism, Qabbalah, Necromancy, etc; and those interrelations require knowledge put to practice, even prayer its a form of magical practice, the breath as the element of air its offered in way to carry our thoughts, hopes, etc.

But then many people come from other religious backgrounds, and even some times hiding it from their family, parents, friends and spouses, and juggle around trying to keep themselves from being shunned or scare them, and honestly its concerning in a way that I makes me wonder if social pressure has being a cruel track to keep people in the line of meeting expectations that some people in their adulthood actually consider other spiritual paths when they have made a family and a life that does not have harmonic point with their spiritual inclinations, In all honesty, I was not indoctrinated as child, I was never a christian or catholic, my Mother its actually more into newage and never intended me to follow morals or traditions of Christianity other than Legal abiding citizenship and avoinding being a jerk, so when I decided to start working with magical systems I was openly able to do so without restrictions and when I moved to live by myself I was entirely free, and I felt no obligation to meet the expectations of anybody else, but Im guessing not everybody has been treated as nicely as me in that matter.

That being said, Daemonolatry its not a path that you can easly meet in expectations of the Fundamentalist Christian theological frame (or anything that its entirely fundamentalis or orthodox for the same matter), It does not include any easy anwsers and its not a consolation bringer on the hardships of life, I found that Daemons will test your resolve into the understading and reciprocity of your dedication to the path, and any othe rmagical path being Voudon, Tantrika, Draiocht, Solomonic, Huna, Kuji-In, Kuji-kiri Majutsu, Chaos Magick, or whatever also requires to walk an extra mile, and usually its better met with supporting companionship than trying to be underground about it.

The very same Dalai Lama said that more than often Tibetan Buddhism was more of  trouble than a solution for foreingers, and I dont think Daemonolotry its not an exception if you are going to need to be hidden in plain sight this might not the path for you, If practicing Demonolatry its going to be a bigger issue in your life than solution, then you might want to leave it alone, for your own good, while I cheer for a tolerant and understanding society, but making Daemonolatry freindly to everyones taste its just watering down its value and turning into something else, so no Demonolatry its not for everyone, and it dosent have to be, Spiritual Paths ARE NOT A COMODITY, and I cannot emphatize this more.

If you have the resolve to go down the rabbit hole, pass trought the gates.

Jadean Lazulli

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  1. Elazaruss

    I guess you were talking about the benefits of being able to be open about your practice. Never the less, I internally sense that true adeptship in any such system that surpasses beyond the physical realm requires secrecy and privacy (because at the end of the day it is your intimate path which you undertake). One practices for oneself with the aim of attaining very specific inner and outer goals. And like with any worthy deed/practice you let your actions do the talking – like you said, it is a system of action (but it is a system of self discipline above anything else). Also we got the freedom to do whatever we want, but there are actions that still best be avoided unless absolutely necessary, and I am talking about inflicting harm for the sake of inflicting harm – pure malice. And morals/dogmas got nothing to do with it.

    1. Lazulli Post author

      In the matter of Privacy I agree you just don’t send out all your practices publically for various reasons (Also Im entirley agaisnt proselytism so preaching practices, its even worst than secrecy because it tends to corrupt into elitism for the sake of hierachy and dogma ), the problem its that when you cannot talk your spouse about the nature of your spiritual practice for the sake of not scaring the shit out of them to divorce, what is the point of a spiritual path if you cannot integrate it well into your life without fear of loosing everything dear to you?, spiritual practices should add into your life, you should not make your entire life revolve around the secrecy of it or it will become a double life instead of a spiritual inclination, I can understand you dont want to talk about it to co-workers that dont sympathize or protect yourself from gossip, harm, ridicule and social alienation, but there a point where it might become unhealthy to the point of paranoia if somebody cannot even talk frankly to the closest people to them in fear, and even then maybe a good reconsideration on life and the true desires when in such a closed envioment.

      Harm for the sake of inflicting harm usually its ilegal (in a strictly physical sense) and irresponbale actions usually have terrible outcomes, also I think humanism as the compass for moral human development cannot be emphitized enough these days (seriously I could make an entire por of the whole theme but its not even Demonolatry or spiritual specific), and if you mean in magical practice usually tends to bounce back if you are going to go for a Daemonolatry setting, Daemons are not really giving into stubborn whim petitions, usually obesive and harmful behaviour related to magic gone wrong are made aberrations called by pseudo-satanic gullible persons that just because a spirit (that can easly access tons of information faster than many of the expert hackers) start manipulating the morons into horrible and tragic outcomes due ignorance and lame protections (I didnt entirely understood your point here so I hope im not wandering off point here); My main point goes under an entire social matter If you have to hide your spiritual path from absolutely everyone around maybe its not the time or place to undertake certain spiritual inclinations, because in lots other people’s dogma not following a certain theological frame its considered amoral, and being discovered usually its punished,shunned or alienated one way or another.

      Also existing Reiki, Kuji-In- Kuji-jiri, Angelic Magic, Shinto, etc; and many other methods that might help in a pinch without picking in to the predjuice and fear of other people, going directly for Daemonolatry might be pushing it if you are in a closed community that includes very close people, while an informed opinion its appreciated, an analysis of the context of the comunity you coexist with its crucial in many ways .

      Its not an absolute no, I think asking “Is this REALLY what you want?, can you practice adephood and keep a healthy life and relations?, at what point secrecy its being taken to an extreme?, I think those are important questions we hardly ever anwser honestly to people upfront and I think its basic question for Goal settings, there is information out there to help, but like medicine it should not be prescribed to everyone.

      This is a blunt recomendation and the idea its still a bit on the rough and I hope Ive not lost the focus of my point, but other than that I hope everyone else its just doing fine with their path.

      Blessings – Jadean

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