Modification & Practice Series: Mini-Guides

These were my “public service” projects for 2013. I call them that because free copies of these mini-guides are available to anyone who wants them.They’re not lengthy tomes, but each one took time to produce. Hence The Modification & Practice Series is here! There are three books in this series. The first is Modified Daemonolatry: A Guide for Daemonolaters with Disability and Illness. It is exactly what it says, a guide to help those who are disabled or suffering from a debilitating illness modify their practice to fit their needs. The second is Hidden: Living with the Uninitiated, which is a book that helps Daemonolaters living with Christians (or folks of other intolerant religious persuasions) find alternative ways to practice while stuck in difficult situations. It also has tips for coming out. Finally there is Scales of Ma’at: A Guide for the Incarcerated, to help incarcerated Daemonolaters modify their rituals and practices for prison life. This book also includes rituals that might be helpful for incarcerated individuals.



These mini-guides (I call them mini because they’re short, sweet, and to the point) will be available for FREE on as PDFs, or you can get them formatted for your eReading device on Nook or Kindle for .99 cents each. Print copies are also available for  $6.99 each.


Modified Daemonolatry: For Daemonolaters with Disabilities & Illness — |  Paperback  |  Kindle |  Nook  | FREE PDF |

Hidden: Living With the Uninitiated  — |  Paperback  |  Kindle |  Nook  | FREE PDF |

The Scales of Ma’at: A Guide for the Incarcerated — |  Paperback  |  Kindle |  Nook  | FREE PDF |