Fire Festival of Belial

The Daemonic Divine is within you and around you. May the Daemonic Divine bless and keep you all of your days. Naamah.

The beauty of Winter Solstice and joys of Yule are almost upon us. Aside from Rite of Belial being a beacon of light in the darkness of earth’s slumber – it’s a time to do ritual work for stability and prosperity in the coming year. It’s time to re-establish our wards and charge our protective servitors. It’s time to bring blessings on our loved ones since many of them will cross our thresholds to join us for food and cheer this holiday season.

Some Traditional Practices

During Rites to Belial, after prayers and recitations, have each person involved in the ritual circle the flames three times. Clockwise to get things moving forward in your life. Counter-clockwise to help you out of situations you don’t want to be in. The Abyssal Communion and Rite of Imbibement can then be performed, and requests sealed with blood given to the flames. If you cannot build a fire outdoors, an altar in the center of your temple upon which a flame and bowl have been placed will suffice.

Apply a spray adhesive to Pine Cones and dust them liberally with fresh cinnamon for luck in the name of Belial. Keep them in a bowl on the altar near the front door to bring prosperity to your home and those within it. After the season is over, you may again offer them to Belial through the flame. Additionally, use craft string to tie cinnamon sticks (on which are carved prosperity sigils) to blessed candles. The heat from the flame will warm the cinnamon and send a warm scent through your home/office.

Create clay sigils for Belial and all the Ba’al Daemons and hang them on your yule tree. Add spray glitter to make them extra festive.

Carve or burn the sigil of Belial into a large log. Bless it in the name of Belial and ask him to protect you and yours for the coming season. Add 1-2 drops of your blood to the sigil. Burn the log in offering to Belial.


Find a Rite to Belial here.

Abyssal Communion & Rite of Imbibement

Ater Votum: Daemonolatry Prayer

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    Thank you so much for this!! I love it! For those of us still learning this is a timely reminder and helpful guide! Gives so much more meaning to the season!!

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