Connecting with the Daemonic

Connecting with the Daemonic Divine is more than just saying an invocation or drawing a sigil. It isn’t about pelting the Daemonic with offerings.

It’s about building a relationship. That relationship isn’t based on you “hiring” a Daemon for their help.

The relationship is based on creating a connection through hours upon hours of meditation, divination, magickal work, and conversation with the Daemon in question.

Just like in the corporeal world, building relationships with the Daemons you feel drawn to can take weeks, months, years (depending how deep you want that relationship to go). Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t work with a new-to-you Daemon as a one-off. However, for the Daemons you feel an affinity for, building an actual relationship is both important for feeling a deeper spiritual connection to the divine, but also for doing deep path work /self-work (a process that makes a magician’s low magick far more potent).

A Recipe for Connecting

WEEK ONE: For thirty minutes a day, sit in silent contemplation with the sigil of the Daemonic force you wish to work with. You can trace the sigil and recite the Daemon’s Enn at the beginning of the meditation ritual as you see fit.

WEEK TWO: For thirty minutes a day, ascend to your astral temple and invoke the Daemon there. Converse with it.

WEEK THREE: Invoke the Daemon once a day and draw the Daemon’s energy around you so you can connect with the Daemon. More advanced practitioners may choose to draw Daemonic energy into themselves as well.

WEEK FOUR: For thirty minutes a day, have a divination session, or perform ritual work with the Daemon. Offer 1-2 drops of blood each day.

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5 thoughts on “Connecting with the Daemonic

  1. Lynne

    This is perfect timing. I just watched your day 6 video on ascension meditation/automatic writing. In my conversation with Belial, he said if i want to achieve what I asked about, I need to get more serious and committed about meditating and connecting with him. Thanks Steph!

  2. Sky

    Week 2 . Ascend to Your astral temple and evoke The daemon there. Eleboreate what does this means or to do And week 3 draw The daemons energy around you. Please clarify.drawing the energy around

    1. Steph Post author

      Sky – basically what you do is visualize the Daemonic energy and visualize it surrounding you – engulfing you. Feel it (both emotionally and phsyically). Smell it. Taste it. Visualization is one of the most necessary tools in a magician’s arsenal.

  3. Jim Jacot

    i want this so badly and have been trying for 2 years now very seriously, but to no avail…no spirit manifestations or contact… i am still a Christian(youth pastor) and wonder if that is my block… can i make contact with the spirit world/ demons and still remain a Christian?

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