Those things that grow inside you

So in this blog I would normally just have commented on how  I’ve been using Abyss Hyms music (check out the shop, up in the bar ;D ), I have used sea shells from store bundles  to add the water element into rituals, I have bathed with salts dipped in mint oil before rituals calling Leviathan (Fresh and cool feeling like nothing else) with a prayer from a page is no down for good and the owner never answered my new messages to see if she still had those prayers so, I’m guessing, I’m going to design something myself (no bitterness here only to avoid people asking me for page gone and prayer lost lol), I use Incenses, but I’m not really good standing smoke, I use very little since I work in small rooms and get very saturated and instead of getting in the mood sometimes I got suffocated, overall I try to build up a lot of energy around the ritual and in myself to add, I used to have lights on at first because honestly I’m bad memorizing everything so I tend to check the books and notes on the, but yeah nothing says RITUAL so loud like candle lights only, also I have various color cloths I use for different rituals, mainly elemental colors, I’m seriously considering buying tons of purple cloths lately, I also use a lot of oils anointed myself and in candles from root working conjuring, etc, I have no robe I usually just wear colors relevant to the kind of working Im doing.

I live in an apartment and soon I will be moving with friends (They are allowing me to have a whole room for my ritual work YAY!).

But this where it end on what is like I im used to work to, and this is where is starts on what is really mean to me.

Today I moved my altar into the new house I will be living in, but I returned to my apartment and saw the spot where it usually is, It was only about a year and a half I’ve been here, but in this space with that altar, I’ve made offerings to the spirits,  I’ve prayed, sent out to stop those who attempt to terrify or control my friends, set out for conquest of new possibilities, made objects of power, called upon heavens, earth, hell, made readings, for that short time things have been going on, it just was not an object in a space, it was a SACRED object in a SACRED space, and even thought I know where it is, and I know I can and will keep on practicing in the new location, it’s a special time, of a special place that will not be again, and now I’m brutally nostalgic, I can barely hold my tears, I feel naked, the energies around the place have changed so much for the first time I really feel not at home, I remember a recent conversation on “The feeling of the presence of Daemons, being gone by people desecrating sacred space”, Its like a hotel room with boxes with my belongings, the only things that keep that feeling are some of the consecrated books I have, and tools, even in faint hint coming from inside the boxes. And it’s strange and sad, but if it took just a year and a half to make this experience so special, then what I can do at the new house might be, Just magical.

Jadean Lazulli