Category: Magick

Responsible Use

For June’s how-to Blog, I’ve decided to share a guide I wrote a few years ago, concerning channeling (Ouija) boards, and how to effectively use them. I wrote this guide as an informational tool to fight the misinformation I was bombarded with when trying to sell the high-end, heirloom quality channeling boards I once sold. […]

A Mentor!

Man how would I really would have loved a physical mentor worth his salt when I was starting up. When I was around 14-15 I found the word “Occultism” through sensationalist publications, I used to be a UFO freak around that age, and until I was around 19 (I met a girl with some serious […]

Setting Magical Goals

Setting goals in magic is no different to setting goals for other ordinary hobbies. For instance, this year I have set myself the task of putting on an extra couple of kilo’s of muscle and to improve my jujitsu. This is acheivable. If on the other hand I set my goal to this year I […]

A Rite of New Year Intent

I never start my year with magickal goals. I generally start my year with a new list of goals for project completion, self-work, or mundane things. This year my list looks like this: First Quarter Goals: Finish 3 projects in the first quarter Clean out boxes and bookshelves in office. Put together boxes for donation. Taxes: Feb […]