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Crossing Da’ath Without Drowning

Many years ago I attempted to keep a blog. I procrastinate too much so it didn’t work out. However, one thing I did discuss at some length was whether or not the magician needed to be deconstructed while crossing Da’ath.¬† I know this is a point with a lot of magicians. Some believe that the […]

And it burns, burns, burns…

‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash has always invoked, within me, the¬†quintessential¬†feelings of this season of Summer. It is also the song that I hear when I work with Asmodai, which I’ve always felt fitting. In most cases when working with any of the Demonic Divine, a song, seemingly picked at random from my subconsciousness, […]

Manifesting Results & the Divine Intelligence

When I was initially given the blogging topic for July (Daemonic Manifestation) I honestly didn’t know what I was going to write about. Do I talk about theophany rituals? After all, I imagine a lot of people might find the physical manifestation of the Daemonic a fascinating topic. Yes, of course I know of several […]