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They Way Things Go

Yes, it’s Angie’s day, but looking at the rest of the bloggers it appears that maybe Angie won’t be posting either. So here I am in her stead to apologize for being a slacker and not posting this month. Truthfully I had a wonderful blog planned out. I did. I was going to write about  connecting […]

Responsible Use

For June’s how-to Blog, I’ve decided to share a guide I wrote a few years ago, concerning channeling (Ouija) boards, and how to effectively use them. I wrote this guide as an informational tool to fight the misinformation I was bombarded with when trying to sell the high-end, heirloom quality channeling boards I once sold. […]

Bringing in the new

Each year always feels like we have a fresh slate, doesn’t it? We can start over with new routines or habits that we didn’t have before. I think once a year every magician should do a thorough cleaning of her energy and space. Some people do it in the spring time when they’re cleaning their […]


I thought I would take a different approach to “ritual”. Christmas (or Winterval, or The Holiday Season or whatever you want to call it) is here again, and I thought I would write about my rituals at Christmas (I still call it that) and my publish day is 25 December ! Christmas Eve. First thing, […]