Category: Demonolatry

Your Spiritual Journey

I’ve always found it fascinating how our culture has turned something as unique and sacred as personal spirituality into some sort of bizzare competition where the “loser” is everyone but ourselves. Perhaps it’s the human need to be “right” or somehow “special” and to have others validate that, that causes the “who’s right and who’s […]

A Rite of New Year Intent

I never start my year with magickal goals. I generally start my year with a new list of goals for project completion, self-work, or mundane things. This year my list looks like this: First Quarter Goals: Finish 3 projects in the first quarter Clean out boxes and bookshelves in office. Put together boxes for donation. Taxes: Feb […]

Generous Offerings

Infernal Greetings to All … Welcome to November and this month’s topic, Offerings. I really don’t have a huge amount of information to provide on my personal feelings and practices regarding Offerings. I am totally aware of the significance and purpose of giving Offerings and their importance to Demonolatry and Occult practices in general. They play a […]