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Sacred Writing

Last month I talked about Sacred Words and Speech. I think it’s only fair to discuss sacred writing. If we follow the line of thinking that words have power, that power is amplified when those words are written, carved, or inscribed. The saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” did not come about for […]

Modification & Practice Series: Mini-Guides

These were my “public service” projects for 2013. I call them that because free copies of these mini-guides are available to anyone who wants them.They’re not lengthy tomes, but each one took time to produce. Hence The Modification & Practice Series is here! There are three books in this series. The first is Modified Daemonolatry: […]

Responsible Use

For June’s how-to Blog, I’ve decided to share a guide I wrote a few years ago, concerning channeling (Ouija) boards, and how to effectively use them. I wrote this guide as an informational tool to fight the misinformation I was bombarded with when trying to sell the high-end, heirloom quality channeling boards I once sold. […]

Pathworking mystery

It took me the longest time to figure out what Pathworking is.. I feel dumb now, since someone just explained to me what it was..   I’ve been doing that since I was young in the occult, it was called “ground and center time” or “meditation guidance”.  The rhythmic drum beat, ta ta ta ta ta ta […]

Bringing in the new

Each year always feels like we have a fresh slate, doesn’t it? We can start over with new routines or habits that we didn’t have before. I think once a year every magician should do a thorough cleaning of her energy and space. Some people do it in the spring time when they’re cleaning their […]