September How-To

Welcome to September friends! This month our bloggers were asked to share their favorite Demonolatry based projects with readers. With any luck we’ll all leave the month with some excellent project ideas for the coming autumn.

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Without further ado, I give you September’s How-To blogs.

Frank F. Domovoi


I realise that this may not seem to have much to do with demonolatry, and for that I apologise but I believe that if I can get people thinking then my job is done..

For some reason I have been contemplating a lot about the current state of the human cause and its obsession with money and material possessions at the expense of required basics, and the apparent ignorance of what is happening around us.
Gold is now at US$1900 an ounce. Should there be a food shortage, what is now the more important, gold or food ? You can’t eat gold and on
the other hand no one with food would want to exchange their food with your gold.
The London Riots. Nothing acheived at all. No reason apart from breaking into shops and thieving designer goods and plasma tellys.
The planet is changing. Last night we had an 5.9 earthquake in Virginia USA. That is unusual. Approximately 12 or so hours earlier, we
had a 5.3 in Southern Colorado. Also unusual.The worlds weather patterns are not what they should be.The UK has suddenly suffered from 3 cold winters in a row, with no prior warning signs ?The US has suffered one of if not the worse tornado and severe storm seaon in history. Something is not right, and most people have thoughts to this extent, but these are quickly brushed the mat by reassurances that all is well.
We are told that Global Warming is something to be very concerned about. The governments bring in Carbon Footprint taxes to offset Global Warming. How can money offset global warming ? Besides which, Geological records suggest that the earth is cooling, not warming, but this is conveniently sidelined, and money begins to pour in to the government coffers.

I watched a video on youtube recently. The link is below. Watch it and think about what is being said. I would be interested in your thoughts.

Meditating the Temple Set-Up

I change the temple twice a year in January and August. I will go out to the old barn where we have our temple set up, open all the doors and windows, wipe down any webs, and then sit in the center of the room and meditate on the space.  Now with a smaller space like our private family temple in the house, it’s a lot easier to figure out how to redecorate. I’ll move altars, change each one with new candle holders, candles, statuary, or symbolic offerings based on whim. I change the private temple monthly only because I don’t like stagnation in the temple. I want a flow of constant change so that going into the temple never seems stale or boring for myself, my husband, or our children.

However, when it comes to the bigger space, the temple in the barn that we use for group gatherings, that’s a different story. We use it once a month and it must accommodate and serve groups of twenty to seventy-five during these monthly rituals. Therefore meditating on the space and setting it up for efficiency is key. While we do use the station method, a method by which altars are set up for procession from one station to the next such as blood-letting, request burning, abyssal communion, magick working, we also have elemental and keeper altars at the ready based on ritual. This means that we may change the set up month to month based on the needs of the ritual being worked but for six months out of the year, all our group altars stay decorated with the same decor.

Elemental altars are no brainers. A beautiful vase filled with sand, rocks, and flowers currently sits on my earth altar. But I’ve also chosen statues of the Baphomet, bowls of garden soil, houseplants,  bowls of fruits or vegetables and even beautiful rocks as altar centerpieces. For water I’ve used fountains, ornate cups and chalices, sand and sea shells, a goldfish in a bowl, and one summer our water altar held a lava lamp. For fire I generally create beautiful candle displays or we simply use a fire pit since our south quarter is where the doors of the barn are. This means we can put the fire pit just outside the doors. We’ve been able to do some creative ritual with this set up.  We’ve also used torches. For Air altars we’ve used birds in cages to large incense burners. One summer, when our air conditioner was out for two weeks, my daughter put a fan on the air altar. The only limitation to your altars is your imagination.

When I set up the ritual space I don’t just think about the decor, but I also meditate on how it will be used and how many people it must accommodate. There must be a flow to the space so that participants can move through the space in a way that they’re not running into each other and everything proceeds in an uninterrupted order for maximum efficiency. I take into account the robes participants wear because that determines the space required between the center  of the ritual space and the outside altars and the space between altars. We don’t want to catch anyone’s robes on fire.

For those of you who are solitary or who live with roommates who are uncomfortable or unaware of your spiritual practices, consider temple spaces and altars that are disguised as regular home decor. A beautiful vase of flowers, a lovely incense burner, candle displays and a container of sand and shells can look classy and function as elemental altars. Your dining room table can serve as an offering altar with a new centerpiece month-to-month.  No one need know what it is if you’re creative enough.

Happy temple and altar creation!


The Relaxing Quality of Clouds

Are you high-strung? Stressed out? Feeling a bit anxious? In this fast-paced deadline driven world we live in, some of us (those of us who live our lives on a deadline) need to remember to take a minute to relax.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to do this is to sit back and watch clouds. In recent years my DH and I did some renovations to the outside of our house so we would spend more time outdoors. It was a good investment of our time because I find myself using the space more frequently now. I like going out by myself around seven at night just to watch the sky. This year, with all the weather, its been both beautiful and dangerous. The sky, in the splendor of Lucifer rising, gives us the most beautiful nature shows accompanied by a soundtrack of bird-song.

What a wonderous thing the sky is; always changing. It moves slowly, taking its time. Clouds rolling over clouds. The sky is entrancing. Some of my most moving meditations happen as I watch those clouds. This is my air meditation, different from earth, fire and water.

For contrast: Earth meditation is solid and focused. It happens when my hands are buried wrist deep in soil and I’m working with my plants. Or raking autumn leaves off the lawn. I am focused on the doing and connecting with the solid foundation of my physical form. Water meditation is moving, flowing. I walk, I think. My creativity flows free. The movement loosens all those things holding me back. Fire meditation is closed and self-focused on sensation. The warmth of the sun against my skin.

It’s only the air meditation that is a visual delight whether those clouds bring shade, rain, thunder or lightening. I stare up at them and just watch. I’m in the moment, entranced by their resplendent beauty. During that meditation all is right with the world and I am a part of all that is. And when I disconnect – I am me again and I take with me, into me, all that is Lucifer.

And it burns, burns, burns…

‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash has always invoked, within me, the quintessential feelings of this season of Summer. It is also the song that I hear when I work with Asmodai, which I’ve always felt fitting.

In most cases when working with any of the Demonic Divine, a song, seemingly picked at random from my subconsciousness, becomes strongly associated with that specific Demon. It is only after contemplating the song, and listening to it, ad nauseam, that I begin to see the meanings behind why the song and its importance in our relationship. It is meditation through music.

The sound of music is powerful. It can be raw emotion, born by the feelings of others, that can invoke resonating emotion within you. When it is coupled with to the relationship that you form with a Divine being it will open your ears and harmonize your soul. If you’re not already using music to deepen your relationships with the Demons then I suggest that you give it a try.

And so I ask you to find the songs that are sung when you are close to Demonic. You can work forward from contemplation and mediation about a Demon until you hear the music that truly captures your relationship/feelings/thoughts about that Demon; or you can work backwards by listening to a wide and eclectic range of music and see which Demon gets associated to which song. Make sure to share your discovers in the comments below!


Something to do in the summer….

Summer is here. bunnies are hopping happily, young lovers walk hand in hand in the parks. Beautiful women and men bath themselves in the light of the sun. Joy and happiness emits carefree from wild youth running to their social gatherings.. Happiness, happiness everywhere… but  not with you. You toil the work shift, grinding away tasks at hand, locked away in misery. Day dreaming on what happiness would be for you while weighted down with pain, financial responsibility, just praying for a day when the happiness fairy comes knocking on your door dropping off the winning lottery ticket…

Many people are not happy,  its a goal that is so far out there that its not even in the same solar system.  Trust me, I know. I’m not happy, I’m like the many people here who are struggling with everything and not getting a ounce of fairy dust to solve my problems.

We seek to better ourselves and our life, we turn to self help books, tv shows, religion, and many other things.   We drown ourselves in mantras, pills, and philosophy sayings that means nothing because its not producing any happiness in our lives.   We hear the words like attracts like.. Happiness brings happiness, love brings love, and joy brings joy.   “The laws of attraction.” We hear this saying more times then we can count, but what can it do.  If your not happy, your not going to bring happiness. If your not rich its not going to bring richness to you. And then we sink further into our misery.

So hopefully I got the reader’s attention because this might be best mediation for you, or the worse, it all depends. A few people who I told this to or help them do it say it works.

We are going to be making Mu-Jen.. The Siberian shamans call it tupilak.. The Egyptians call it shabti.   The West call it elementaries.  I had one person describe it has a golem. A Mu-Jen is a  representative of you. Its like a “reverse” Voodoo doll, instead of bring harm to your enemies, we are going to work on bringing happiness or what you want to you.  With some imagination a magician can unlock the full potential of this  “doll” making it into a vital tool.

The are many ways of making one, I’m sure many are familiar in the basic steps  (Come on, I’m sure you made at least one Voodoo doll somewhere in your life). But if your not I’ll give some basic guidelines and a few stern warnings, since this is powerful stuff and you really don’t want to screw this up…  thunder in the background following an evil laugh.

There is two things one must know first before proceeding. A doll is a doll, but the Mu-Jen is you.  It’ll require your ling (your will) your one task that you want complete. It will also require a spirit link with you (blood, saliva, and hair). Those are the three must haves….. blood… saliva….hair…    Not menstrual blood or semen. Trust me, the more is better in this case.  And now the part of argument.. waaaa I don’t to cut myself… waaaa I rather jerk off since sexual magick is far more powerful then blood… waaaa waaa.. Stop being a baby.   If you want to be serious in making a Mu-Jen, flowing blood from the body is needed.. Not blood being expelled out do to natural cycle, and semen is not red and nor is it blood.  Making a Mu-Jen is serious and to the point, this is old magick, will and intent and preparation is key to success, lack of those would be more then a failed magick experiment..  You could harm yourself..  There is paragraphs of explanation on why you don’t want to use semen, menstrual blood,  finger nails, scabs, and even using fecal material and urine. I never used those materials so I can not vouch first hand experience  on what can happen. But oddly enough a following ritual after this one describes how to make a Mu-Jen of your enemies using those materials when life blood is not available.

I found using clay easier then w00d to use. But both work great. I found cloth easier and cleaner to make. Remember you are limited to your imagination, but follow the basic guidelines.  I modified the original ritual over the years and found that introducing Demonolatry  into it did not negatively hinder this task.

First you make two talismans. One talisman is the goal, for example money could be the dollar sign $. The other talisman is your personal sigil.  Charge them and get them ready.

Do your cleansing and banishing.

Making the body of the Mu-Jen. Here are the basics, its human shape, like a gingerbread man or clay figure. With cloth and wood stick the two talismans in there, clay you can burn the talismans and mix it in the clay.  Add the three human materials, I basically stick a lock of hair, blood and saliva on both talismans, in the doll.  With being human shape it is important it has a mouth, nostrils, and a belly button.. Simply open holes..  With a cloth one I have a ginger man with a slit mouth, two slit nostrils, and I drawned a  belly button.

Take the Mu-Jen by hand and breath into its mouth and nostrils. Fill it with your life breath with a control manner with focus for three times.  Then say ( you can modified this part if you want, I just like the original cause it sounds cool and powerful)

  • The Primal Void was still.
  • Chaos slept alone in the embracing silence.
  • No forms, no movement.
  • Then the Mother’s breath streamed forth.
  • The Way stirred up matter and motion.
  • Imparting destiny to all things.
  • Creature of my own hands. Living spirit.
  • Take breath from my breath.
  • Life from my Life.
  • Destiny from my destiny
  • Arise! Awake! Move to my Will!

Seal the nostrils and mouth. With clay just pinch them closed, with cloth I sewed them shut. 

Concentrate on your goal that you designed the Mu-Jen for and see your new creation bringing your desire to pass. Say ” Mu-Jen (and your name), Instrument of my Will, Walk the Road with me.”

Store in safe place, don’t let anyone know where it is or that it was made. Visit often with small food offerings and drink. Some prefer using incense.  It is also helpful, like if your goal is money, to slide a coin under it or use a dollar bill has a sleeping mat for it.  Remember it is you, this is the you that is seeking away to achieve the goal.  So it’ll grow hungry, even weak.. grow sick… and die..  Mu-Jen’s life spans are not infinite without care..  When the goal is achieved, its life ends..  You can give it a proper burial, crush it into dust, burn it with respect.. It was you that achieved that goal, how would you want to be treated after a hard path of getting what you want…  Remember this can go terrible wrong if someone else gets their hands on it, or if you mistreat it.. One person told me that he talked to it, had it watch his favorite shows with him, he called it personal time with himself.. But at the end his goal was achieved, found a girlfriend and then got married.. He said it was the saddest thing ever.. That it was like watching a best friend die in front of him.  I made a coffin for his Mu-Jen and gave it a cremation on a campfire at a national park with just two people attending the services..


Connecting With Your Patron/Matron

I had a harder time with this month’s post. I wanted to give you all something useful and practical to chew on this month. I was drawing a blank until my wife said, “Why not just give them a useful meditation to try.” Obvious, right?

Not in my case. I kept trying to make it more difficult than it needed to be. So don’t thank me for this post, it was my wife’s idea.

Mrs. Goetic Nick’s Formula for Connecting With a Patron/Matron

I’ve always believed in the power of meditation to bring things into our lives that we want to connect with or understand better. In this exercise I want you to imagine your patron/matron and give him/her/it human or animal form. Give him a personality, a likeness you identify with, and imagine its overall backstory. Next, invoke your patron/matron and get a sense of his/her energy. Fill your image with this energy. Imagine the energy coming off of him. Now connect. By connecting I mean imagine interacting with this image of your patron or matron that you’ve created. Converse with it (even if it’s only in your head). Take this image with you wherever you go throughout your day. Be very aware of where your patron and his energy is at all times. In doing this, you find a way to bridge the gap from knowing to understanding and you may find yourself better connected overall.

Naturally I began questioning the logic of this. I’m not one to reduce my deities to imaginary friends, to which my wife told me to shut up, some people need that anthropomorphic connection, and to quit being anal retentive because not everyone is as literal or unimaginative as me. Point taken, dear.

So there you have it folks. Take it for what it’s worth. I hope it helps someone out there connect.

Midsummer Meditations – August 2011

Welcome to August 2011 my friends. Aside from our usual rousing blog content there’s not much going on around here. I suppose that’s what people mean when they talk about the lazy days of summer. This month we offer you blog posts on the topic of midsummer meditations. Enjoy them!

Don’t forget that DB Publishing is still accepting submissions for the forthcoming book My Name is Legion. The link for writer/artist guidelines is over on the main page.  Also this month (or perhaps next as I’ve heard there’s a delay) look for the latest Audrey Brice release of the second OTS novel, Into Darkness. I’ll post a notice the minute the book is available.

I’d also like to offer this, if you’re a practicing Demonolater and an author, please let us know about your upcoming releases, too. We support Demonolater authors and artists and want to help promote you. Also, we have a guest blog spot open every month. So if you’d like to pimp your books, sell your wares, or do a guest blog post – contact me at and I’ll help you make it happen.

May Flaros and the Asmodai bless and keep you this holy month of August.

I remain,

Frank F. Domovoi

The Manifestation Through Blood Offering

“The Blood is the water of life. Praise be Sobek. I become manifest through you, by the sacrifice of blood. Praise be Sobek. The blood is the life.” – The Rite of Imbibement

Some solitary practitioners have questioned the traditional use of blood in Demonolatry rituals, choosing to leave it out of their rites and offerings completely. Traditionally, however, the various forms of Demonolatry have all incorporated some form of blood letting or blood ritual. By this I am not talking about animal sacrifice although I attend a yearly ritual where a chicken is thanked appropriately, sacrificed, the blood given to the flames, and the body of the animal itself is consumed at a post ritual feast after it has been properly cleaned, prepared, and cooked. I am a firm believer in animal rights even though I am a meat eater and to me this is a respectful sacrifice.

I believe in the power of blood ritual. Blood is our essence and our life force. If we are willing to sacrifice blood it is a testament to our want for something. This is why sacrifice of a few drops of your own blood is the highest, most sacred sacrifice of all. It’s easy, perhaps, to kill another animal and take its blood but it takes more courage and strength to take from ourselves, without harm, to declare how serious we are about our intent. Putting it simply, “No pain, no gain” was likely coined by someone who believed in self-sacrifice for self growth and subsequent success and happiness.

In that respect the blood helps to manifest the will by sealing the intent of the magician.

For the spiritual side of things, the sacrifice, which is the act of making something sacred, of a few drops of your own blood as offering to deity is the most personal and highest offering you can give. Not all Daemons demand or insist upon blood sacrifice. As a matter of fact some prefer sexual fluids instead, but there are those for whom the blood pleases them most and it is for the practitioner to acknowledge this and give the offering to see what results or manifestations he receives or is witness to.

Blood manifests the will. Praise be Sobek.

Thoughts on Manifestation

Daemonic manifestation has turned out to be quite different to what I first believed all those
years ago. Muttering strange languages while sacrificing the obligatory virgin on a stone alter in the hope that some smokey horned (and sometimes winged) demon would make itself present or alternatively or trying out some of the spells from Simons Necronomicon in attempts to conjure some tentacly Chthonic or possibly Chtulhu himself are far from the truth.

In my experience, daemonic manifestation is far more subtle. Suddenly finding something you have been looking to purchase after not being able to find it for many years. Being heavily into the fighting arts, I often look to Kimaris (Cimejies) for advice, for as it says in the Goetia, “..a goodly warrior riding a black horse, and possesses the abilities of locating lost or hidden treasures, teaching trivium (grammar, logic and rhetoric) and making a man into a warrior of his own likeness” to help me in my fighting skills. Not only have I seen my fear slowly diminish and my fighting skills improve, but my rhetoric (important in my job) has also improved, and for that I thank Kimaris.

Saying that, I still very much enjoy delving into my copy of the Necronomicon – the spells are most interesting, and it makes good company with Maksim Hul. I have been ‘exploring’ the Necronomicon now for many years, but have not yet managed to summon anything tentacly into the corner of my bedroom.

It should be pointed that sacrificing virgins is not only illegal but also the waste of a good woman and is hence not recommended.

This is my first blog entry, so many apologies if it didn’t live up to what you were expecting.