Ask a Daemonolatress – Safety, What you Get, and Fixing Problems

Here were this month’s top three questions! (Got each one multiple times from different people.)

Can Daemons Help Fix my problems?

The answer to all our problems is not outside ourselves. We all like to believe that’s the case, because then we don’t actually have to do anything to change our situation.  We can blame it on whatever scapegoat seems convenient. Christianity has been doing this for years and it’s worked for them (for the most part). The problem about being in denial though, and blaming everyone except oneself, is eventually that same pattern is going to repeat over and over again until you correct it, or die. Whichever happens first. So while Daemons can HELP you fix your problems, chances are it won’t come without a great deal of self-work.

How can Daemons be beneficial to me?

New people often ask me what the “benefits of the path” [of Daemonolatry] are. As if I’m a Daemonolatry broker vying for their patronage, or spirituality is just like picking the right 401K package. What each person finds beneficial in working with Divine Intelligence is a personal and unique thing. So when they write, asking me to convince them our path is the right one for them, to sell them Daemonolatry, I often refuse. It’s not my job to “recruit” people to this path. It either calls a person or it doesn’t. My advice here is always read, research, really figure out what you believe and why before jumping into ANY spiritual paradigm or practice. And ask yourself what YOU think Daemonic wisdom in your life can do for you. That’s not my question to answer.

Is Daemonolatry Safe? Is Daemonic Magick Safe?

Is getting in your car and driving to work “safe”?  Is fucking without a condom safe? Is chopping vegetables in the kitchen safe? Nothing in life is guaranteed to be safe. So if you’re looking for a completely safe spiritual practice – look elsewhere. Results vary from person to person. It may be safe for ME to work with XXX Daemon, but it may not be safe for you.  I generally tell people Ashtaroth is a relatively safe Daemon to work with, and any time I say that I receive the chastising response, “Ashtaroth kicked my ass! He’s not a nice or safe Daemon.”  So if you’re looking for safe, try a petting zoo, though even domesticated animals will bite if they’re annoyed.

Ask A Daemonolatress: Oration, Lamentation, and Monologues

Something showed up in my inbox today and it’s been a common topic in recent months.

“How will I summon Zagan. I don’t know what to say cus there must be
something you’ll say before they come to you what are those steps to
take pls tell me’

Apparently, enns aren’t enough in the way of invocation for some people. More and more I meet people who feel there should be something more. More long orations and lamentation during invocation. More walking around the ritual space performing actions. Holding lots of things on high. They think they need to read pages and pages of dark poetry, or spend half an hour monologuing at the Daemonic, and believe if they do it just right – the Daemonic Divine will show up.

Yes, magick and ritual can be theatrical. A lot of liturgical rites, including initiations, baptisms, etc… contain a great deal of reading and poetic verse. But when it comes down to the deep, nitty gritty magick — it’s really unnecessary. No really — let me explain.

First, don’t take this to mean that if you love reading dark poetry before your magickal work, or doing initial invocation with long orations that I’m picking on you. I’m not. Those things are perfectly acceptable as an OPENING or even as a closing to your magickal work.

But if, while doing the work, you have to pause every few minutes and read another long block of prose, you’re not in the right mental state (alpha or theta brain wave states are where you need to be for most energy work, meditation, and ascension practice) to be doing magick. If you are in the right space for energy work, stopping to read an oration is going to break this concentration and completely ruin your connection. There’s a reason Buddhists chant OM and not some long diatribe.

“But, but – what about delta brain wave state?” That’s the state of consciousness most of us fall into when we’re in a deep sleep, though monks who have been meditating for years can reach it during a waking state. Unless a person has been meditating for hours every day for 30+ years — it’s not likely your average weekend occultist (let alone dabblers or beginners) can jump in and out of delta in a ritual that see-saws between meditation/energy building/divine communication and oration. Basically – this means that a lot of these theatrical rituals full of lamentation and odes to the Black [insert awesome/scary thing here] are not as “deep” or profound as their creators would like you to believe.

Most people, especially those new to magick, start their magickal careers performing their magical work during waking states (gamma and beta). This is why there is such a huge push for practitioners to learn meditation. If you really want to do the deep, abyss crossing, shadow work that is all the rage these days — leave the orations for the beginning and end of ritual and use the middle for some REAL WORK, not a string of actions or theatrical recitation.

Don’t get me wrong – the theatrical rituals have their place. They’re perfect as liturgical (i.e. public worship) rites. Most seasonal or Daemonic celebration rituals are liturgical. There’s a great deal of pomp, props, sights, sounds, and lots and lots of oration. Usually there’s prayer involved, or requests and offerings, or elemental or abyssal communions.

That isn’t to say you can’t psyche yourself into a spiritual experience during such rituals, or have profound realizations. After all – we should never underestimate the power of atmosphere during ritual work. A lot of these beautiful rituals are perfect for Hollywood — not so much magick. Most intense, deep magickal work is about as exciting(visually) as watching cement dry.

So go ahead – make your magickal rituals pretty at the beginning and the end, but leave that shit out of the middle of it.  Also never underestimate the effectiveness of rituals that aren’t as elaborate as a liturgical rite. Chances are they’re bland like that by design. 😉

Ask A Daemonolatress

So, recently I announced that my release of Daemonic Love Magick might be my last Daemonolater’s Guide for some time. I want to work on some more advanced books and the 101 has been sucking up too much time.  I started that series of chapbooks to answer the most common questions I get in my email.  It serves dual purpose – it gets the information out there for those new to Daemonolatry and Daemonic Magick, and it clears out my inbox and maintains my sanity.

A friend of mine suggested that perhaps what I should do, instead of writing chapbooks, is just blog more. Take these frequent questions from my email and start answering them here on the blog. So I’ve decided that that’s what I will do with the beginner material for now – resulting in my new monthly blog spot: ASK A DAEMONOLATRESS.  

The premise is this — you ask the questions, I answer them in a post. It’s a pretty simple thing. So feel free to ask your questions in the comments below, or if you want to remain completely anonymous – send your questions to my email and put ASK A DAEMONOLATRESS in the subject line.


  1. So the first step is to clear the temple space. The square footage of the space doesn’t matter, you just need to be able to get around in it so you can face any direction without knocking anything over.
  2. Next – mark your cardinal directions (i.e. North, South, East, West). Some Daemonolaters will mark the cardinal points of their temple or ritual space with small placards that have on them the corresponding Daemonic Sigil.
  3. After that, there are three ways you can choose to invoke your elemental Daemons. The first option is to start at the North and move clockwise. (Going counter-clockwise doesn’t make it darker, scarier, or more evil – I suppose you could do that if you must.)  The second option is to start at your elemental direction (i.e. based on your astrological sign) and work clockwise or counterclockwise from there. For the record, in old-school Daemonolatry — we work clockwise and save the counter-clockwise for closing. The third option is to start at the elemental direction most suited to the work being done and work from there. So, for example, if you’re doing a Rite to Lucifer – start East. If you’re doing a working to draw a lover – start South.
  4. Once you’ve chosen where to start, you stand facing that cardinal direction. Then you invoke the Daemon using the ZD sigil (traced in the air with your athame, forefinger/middle finger, or your wand) while intoning, saying, singing, or chanting the corresponding Enn. The following are the enns for the Dukanté elementals. You can replace these with the Goetia Spirit elementals if you choose.

To Invoke Earth: Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic, Belial.
To Invoke Air: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar, Lucifer.
To Invoke Fire: Ganic Tasa fubin, Flereous.
To Invoke Water: Jedan Tasa hoet naca, Leviathan.

5. After all the elemental Daemons have been invoked, you can invoke Satan, your Patron, or the Daemonic force you are working with from the center.

That’s it. There are many variations of circle construction. Some rituals have processions where each of the Daemons are invoked with the athame, the incense, a candle, and the infernally blessed water. These tend to be more liturgical rites or more ceremonious, often led by priests, but you can do this as well if you feel like performing a more elaborate ritual.

To close, you simple reverse the direction in which you invoked. So you would say thank you and goodbye first to the Daemon you invoked from the center and then back around the way you came, ending with the first Daemon you invoked.  HOWEVER – I have actually closed in the same direction I opened – and nothing terrible happened. So feel free to experiment with this.

Another one of the big questions I get from readers is if you need an elemental circle (or even a ritual construct) at all. The fact is that you can get away with not bothering with an elemental circle. You can, literally, do Daemonic work “witchcraft style” where you simply carve a sigil in a candle, anoint with oleum and burn. Or just sit down with a sigil and meditate on it – all without a ritual construct.

The reason the elemental circle is a part of so many basic Daemonolatry rituals is for BALANCE. Daemonic energy can often be imbalancing for new practitioners. The entire point of the construct is to keep you balanced, and to make your Daemonic guests comfortable. Rituals performed inside Daemonic circles of any type tend to pack more energy – especially if you’re also a Daemonic magician.

I hope this short article has made the construction of the Daemonic circle more clear to those who have been having a hard time with it.

Again, feel free to ask questions in the comments below, or email me.

Daemonic Shamanism: A Beginner’s Guide

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When Magick Doesn’t Work

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Sometimes, despite our best efforts and intentions, magick doesn’t work in a situation. Especially situations where you’re influencing other people. Even seasoned magicians have this problem at times (though most likely won’t admit it). I’ve learned over the years how to tell if the magick I’m considering is going to work or not, and I pick and choose my magickal battles carefully. You should, too.

One of the big failing points in magick is the realm of doing money and love magick for other people. Doing magick for other people requires that person’s permission AND follow-through. Sometimes you’re better off not doing magick for certain people because it’s wasted time and effort on your part. It’s up to you to gain the wisdom to know when magick can help, and when to walk away. I’ve thrown together a few scenarios here to illustrate what I mean –

Money Magick:  I have a friend who is constantly out of work. I’ve done magickal work for her and it’s always resulted in job interviews, and oftentimes actual jobs, but those jobs rarely last beyond a month or two.  The problem here isn’t my magick. My magick is only the temporary boost needed to bring the opportunities to my friend. After that, my role (and the role of the magick) ends, and it’s up to the person you’ve done the work for. If they are continually self-sabotaging, or can’t deal with their co-workers, or just don’t like working, all the money and job magick in the world won’t help them.  Some people could win a 15 million dollar lottery tomorrow and be broke by the weekend if they have poor money management skills.  It’s just how some folks are and sometimes the magician needs to accept that fact and move on.  Without the participation  of the person you’re working for, in actively trying to help themselves (including changing destructive habits), you cannot help them.

A better solution in many cases like this, where you’re doing financial magick for people who self-sabotage, is to do a rite to help them gain the skills they need to cope with co-workers, or motivate them toward the want to work. Throwing opportunities at people who won’t take them is akin to beating a dead horse.

Love Magick:  I have had numerous friends (and complete strangers) over the years come to me looking for love spells, and I’ve turned them down. I’ve even turned down some soulmate work request.  In order for a love connection to happen, the person you’re working for needs to actually leave their house, and at least bathe on a regular basis.  It requires self-confidence and social intelligence on some level – and that can leave some people out of the loop.  Instead of wasting your efforts on a person who likely won’t follow through on love magick due to poor self-esteem, poor hygiene, or social awkwardness, try tailoring your work toward building the person’s self esteem, or inspiring them to take better care of themselves, or helping them into more social situations.

Magick gone bad – goes bad for many reasons, and it’s up to the magician to find out why one thing works, and another doesn’t. Sometimes you have to dig down and find the root of a problem before you can solve it. Every time we use magick to solve a problem (whether high magick or low magick), it’s a puzzle that needs to be put together precisely. Now I’m not saying your magick won’t work on these people at all, it’s just that the results are usually short lived and these types of people will find themselves in the same situation again after too long. Rarely is magick black or white, or as simple as casting one spell and the other person’s fortune is changed forever. When it doesn’t work – there’s always a good reason why. If you find the reason, you can address the REAL issue.  (And yes, this goes for magick you do for yourself, too. If it’s not working – there’s a reason and you need to find it.)

This, of course, brings up the discussion of discernment and what we should be using magick for to begin with. I know people who will “whip out their wands” for every tiny little thing in life.  I know people who can’t make a decision without a divination first. I know people who, whenever you share your minor life difficulties with them, suggest a spell to solve it.  Believe it or not – I’m not one of those people. You don’t want magick or divination to become a crutch.  I guess I’m more earthy and practical (earthy part of water, with an air/water mix in my magickal houses).  I believe that one should only use magick for the bigger stuff. The self work, the career change, for home protection, etc… And yet I still have homeowners insurance, coping skills to weather big changes, and the ability to self-analyze outside of magick.  I could probably do just fine solving my own problems without the help of magick, but I enjoy the insight, wisdom, and quick opportunities magick brings with it.  It also helps me focus because I’m high-strung.

Magick works best for self-motivated, confident, assertive, and driven individuals. It works even better if you’re all of those things, enjoy solving problems, AND are creativity-minded.  So what magickal problem are you going to look at from a different angle? Which battles will you choose?

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On Banishing

Cross-posted from my personal site.

As stated in last month’s post about meditation, people often misunderstand my position on things because they may have only read a single book or two of mine. To fully understand my positions, however, it is often necessary to read my entire body of work. Just because I don’t beat something to death in every guide or book I write, doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s important to some degree. Or, readers who haven’t read the foundational books may not realize where I’m coming from.

I don’t talk about banishment in my books and there’s a reason for this. Depending on the individual’s psychology, banishment is either necessary always, sometimes, or only occasionally. It’s not one-size-fits-all. And I’m not talking about banishing divine intelligence (Daemons) but rather negative psychic energy. To a Daemonolater, there’s a difference.

Admittedly when I was younger I banished negativity more often due to my own volatile emotions brought on by extreme hormonal states, but as I get older and that’s no longer an issue for me, banishing has become a scheduled chore. Twice a year whether I need it or not.

See, many magickal traditions banish Daemons because they view the Daemonic as evil and undesirable. It’s a staple practice for those traditions for that reason. Guess what’s not undesirable in Daemonolatry?

Daemonolatry literally means DAEMON WORSHIP. You see why banishment of Daemons is a stupid and disrespectful idea for someone who WORSHIPS DAEMONS right? If you hold the Daemons in high regard, and you respect their wisdom and influence, you aren’t quick to banish them or their influence because it defeats the purpose of working with them to begin with. If you can’t handle Daemons, you probably ought not be invoking them to begin with.

If you don’t RESPECT and HOLD IN HIGH REGARD (aka WORSHIP) Daemons, then you’re not a Daemonolater by definition of the damn word. Period.

However – it is perfectly acceptable for practitioners of Daemonolatry magick to routinely banish negativity from their space, themselves, or their lives. But again – it varies from practitioner to practitioner in how often it must be done, and the strength of the operation used to do it.

Those with emotional or psychological problems probably should practice banishment daily, or after every magickal working. Though I am an advocate of abstaining from magickal and meditation practice if you have a mental disorder that is not properly managed. People who are younger than thirty-five and still have raging hormones or histrionic disorders probably should practice banishing negativity daily or after every magickal working. The reason being that strong psychic energy like that can attract negativity and astral sludge. If you choose to call that “Daemonic” – that’s your choice. Though if you recall, Daemon means DIVINE INTELLIGENCE. If divine intelligence, in your opinion, is negative astral sludge… well… then again, you’re not a Daemonolater. Speaking as a Daemonolater –  let’s just say I’d rather keep the divine intelligence around.

This is why I do include “Banishing Negativity” workings in some of my books. A simple method for this is sit down in front of a black candle (black is the color traditionally linked to absorbing negativity) and shove all your fears, worries, and anxieties into the candle via energy work – then light the candle and let the sucker burn down to nothing. Symbolically you are giving all that negativity to the flame so it can be burned away. Simple, but effective. No loquacious BS required.

Another common method is to “smudge” your space by lighting a sage stick and allowing the smoke to get into every corner of the space you’re clearing. The theory there is that negative spirits and nasty energy doesn’t like the properties (or smell) of the sage and will evacuate the space. Daemonolaters also practice “warding” which is a precautionary, proactive way of keeping negative shit out of your space to begin with. This means invoking protective Daemons at every quadrant, placing warding symbols in those quadrants, and anointing above every door and window with a protection oleum. See Wortcunning for Daemonolatry for recipes.

We even have rituals for exorcising negative (non-Daemonic) spirits from one’s home. See Keys of Ocat.

So I reject the criticisms of some magicians (who think Daemons are negative) who say that I’m irresponsible for not shoving banishment down every Daemonolatry practitioner’s throat. Not all practitioners are equal in their need for banishment, and Daemons aren’t Christian devils unless you’re a Christian. I’m not.

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Daily Practice, Now With Motivation! #domagick

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of doing regular magical work. I’ve blogged about this before. Author and personal close friend of mine, Andrieh Vitimus, is starting up his new site this month (February) called Do Magick. For those of you who remember the Magickal 30 that he used to run, this is a newer incarnation of that. It’s a bit easier since participation happens in social media groups and on your own blog, twitter, or Facebook. A simple hashtag added to posts makes it easy for people following or participating to find the magicians who are actively participating.

The general premise is that you spend some time researching and preparing for the magick, then you spend at least thirty days embarking on the magick. During this time you journal what you’re doing and take really good notes while you’re actually working through the magick. And you share this (as detailed or vague as you like, though detail is more fun) through social media so that other magicians can follow along and see your progress on the magical work.

The entire project is meant to encourage magicians to go beyond thinking about magick, and reading about magick, and actually doing the work. Those of you who know me know that I am big on people actually doing the work. So I wholly support the entire project, and will be participating regularly. Posts for my own work will appear on my personal blog so that readers and those interested in magick will hopefully be inspired to do their own work. Posts will be tagged #domagick like this one. Of course if you’re not much of a voyeur and you’re ready to jump in and join us, you can go to the website and learn how to sign up. There are instructions on how the whole process works and if you need more information you can contact Andrieh directly.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up! I look forward to seeing what you’re doing and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about what I’m doing.

When Demons Wear Masks

This week I worked with Foras, a demon who can teach us how to strengthen our minds as well as our bodies. And who wouldn’t want that? Me, apparently—or so I thought. Despite my best intentions and several attempts, I couldn’t connect with him at all.

There are many reasons why my invocations might have failed, but I didn’t need to dig deep into my psyche or journal for hours to figure it out in this case. Simply put, I couldn’t see past his description in the grimoires. Every time I set out to meet Foras the “strong man,” I ran into Arnold Schwarzenegger during his bodybuilding years. He would raise his oiled arms, flash me a gap-toothed grin, and bellow, “Get to the choppa!” in my son’s worst Arnie impression.

I just couldn’t. My laughter made my typical invocations impossible. After I talked the situation over with my partner, I realized Foras might be throwing me a curveball on purpose. After all, he’s supposed to help clear our minds, not befuddle them. Overcoming the Arnie nonsense my brain kept throwing at me might be all Foras needed to teach me! Next time Foras extended the offer, I climbed in the damn helicopter.

My life has been in chaos this week, I admit. I moved house on the fifteenth and—although good fortune smiled on us during the entire process—I felt completely wrung out from anxiety by the twenty-second. I kept waiting for something bad to happen. A catastrophe has occurred on every other family move, so my body was sure it would happen on this one too. Our cat also seemed to be waiting for the other shoe to drop; he sang constantly, the world’s furriest opera star. Perhaps he could sense all the excess adrenaline running through my veins. Unfortunately, it’s taking my poor cat longer to calm down than it did me, but he wasn’t able to soar with Foras over a vast field of green yesterday afternoon like I was.

As the chopper lifted into the sky, all the nonsense that had stood between Foras and I fell away. I could still hear the copter’s blades above me, their rhythm carrying me into the heavens like a shaman’s drum. I didn’t turn to see the pilot. I no longer needed to know what Foras looked like to sense his energy. My mind suddenly seemed as clear as the blue sky all about me. I watched as the palm trees dwindled in size below me and enjoyed the quiet. That might seem ridiculous given how loud helicopters are, but in that moment I felt like the only man in the world. I knew I could return to the deserted island below me anytime I wanted to do so—and that it would be free of singing cats.

My partner interrupted me shortly afterward. He winced when I told him I’d been meditating, and I don’t blame him. I haven’t cut him much slack lately, but I haven’t cut myself much either. In a world where disaster is a sure thing, there hasn’t been any room. My brief time with Foras gave me the space to breathe and be realistic again. The crisis is over. And of course, my brain threw garbage at me! I’ve been a little busy. During a period when many people wouldn’t have bothered meditating at all, I should be proud that I got in a couple even mildly successful sessions.

Looking back, the question is: did my invocations fail entirely? I assumed they did because images of a greased, near-orange Arnie kept flooding my mind. In all likelihood, I was being too picky about the face Foras chose to wear. I’ve counseled numerous newbie magicians not to dismiss pop-culture characters immediately when they appear in visualizations. Twenty years of pounding the drum and taking journeys to the Otherworlds has taught me not to toss out the advice of a superhero just because he arose from a comic book. Likewise, I won’t ignore Spock’s theories because he ‘doesn’t exist.’ Neither do most Pagan gods, according to the general populace.

I won’t argue one way or another whether characters like Spock can come to exist on the astral plane. On the other hand, I’ve heard more people around the world can recognize Darth Vader than Jesus. While that may not be true, Vader’s cultural impact can’t be denied. For many of us, characters like he and Spock were the real gods and monsters of our youth. It only makes sense for them to occasionally take the limelight in our meditations and journeys. What doesn’t make sense is when we throw out their lessons unheeded.

I’m not suggesting that anyone worship pop-culture figures, though some Pagans do. Again, different strokes for different folks. Whatever you think on the subject, I know I’ll be quicker to take my own advice next time such a weird, giggle-inducing image pops into one of my journeys. Once or twice might have been my brain churning up trash, but a third time? That kind of persistence means something, and I would have been a fool to ignore it. If I had, I would have missed out on what Foras had to teach me just because Arnie rubbed my rhubarb the wrong way. Strong men are fine, but all those veins? Yuck! And I never could get through Predator.

Even so, apparently Arnold had something to say to me… after a fashion.

All hail Foras.