October 2021 Tarotscope

Welcome to October! Although I’m still treated to a few sultry summer afternoons where I live, Autumn leaves already litter my backyard in a dazzling display. May where you live look and feel just as beautiful this time of year.

This month, I decided to stick with cards close to my heart, the Dukanté Daemonic Sigil Divination Deck. Printed in black and white, it features nothing but the daemon’s sigils and their names. Playing card-sized with a reversible back, I find them perfect for divination or magical work. I wish there was a Goetia deck produced in a similar style! This deck includes 41 sigils from the Dukanté hierarchy but no booklet, encouraging readers to produce their own meanings from their personal work with the daemons. That said, Sigillum Diaboli by S. Connolly suggests interpretations for the 16 sigils originally collected together for divination purposes. Although I occasionally use the whole deck for readings, I typically stick to these since they give me enough information on their own.

On to October’s reading!

All Signs – Ashtaroth – Ashtaroth’s energy rules over all signs in October. Expect helpful friends and allies to come to our assistance in difficult situations over the next four weeks. While this time is usually dedicated to the Death Demonic, pulling this sigil suggests our insight and intuition will be especially clear right now. Try reaching out to Spirit or your ancestors using divination of all sorts.

Aries – Unsere – Home and family reign supreme this month, Aries. This is a fertile time for both team and solitary creative work. You can reach your goals through (mutual) patience and understanding. Ask yourself what you would like to grow and nurture those efforts.

Taurus – Tezrian – Do you feel battle-weary, Taurus? Although pulling this sigil can mean someone is out to get you, it just as often points to exhaustion from warring with yourself, not someone else. Either way, you need to tend to your wounds before you enter the fray again. Make sure you look after yourself as you plan your strategy for the weeks ahead.

Gemini – Leviathan – Leviathan’s influence in October deepens your sense of empathy for others, Gemini. This provides greater emotional insight into their character as well as your own. With this wisdom, you can forge a truce and build peace between yourself and others. Now is the moment to heal old wounds.

Cancer – Lucifer – You rebel! A flash of insight leads to out-of-the-box thinking this month. It breaks the rules, but it also saves the day. New beginnings spring from this solution. Expect a bit of a sharp learning curve, but don’t fret — you’ve got what it takes to make the climb!

Leo – Eurynomous – You see the light, Leo… The light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. One phase of your life ends in October for another to begin. As frightening as this change may be, it is unavoidable, so best embrace the energy. Look into the future and map your way. 

Virgo – Delepitoré – Magic is in the air, Virgo! Your creative juices flow in October. You can make your dreams a reality if you’re willing to focus your efforts. You possess all the tools needed to manifest your goals. This is the perfect period for sorcery meant to produce tangible, in-hand results. Coupled with Ashtaroth’s influence, you’re making sparks! 

Libra – Belphegore Reversed – High hopes set you up for a downfall this month, Libra. No matter how much you want (and maybe even deserve) the largest piece of the pie, you’re not going to get it right now. Be careful how you express your disappointment. Selfishness doesn’t look good on anyone. Do you really want your fair share, or are you just being greedy?

Scorpio – Lucifuge – Take hold of the reins, Scorpio, because you’re in for a bumpy ride! Obstacles appear to impede your progress this month. Don’t worry. You can solve these problems and prove you’ve got what it takes with skills you’ve mastered along the way.

Sagittarius – Rosier – Get ready to feel the love in October, Sagittarius! Look forward to building and strengthening the loving relationships in your life next month, romantic and otherwise. Rosier’s energy reinforces current bonds and helps form new ones. It can even assist with the most challenging relationship of all: the one you have with yourself. Remember real love starts at home.

Capricorn – Belial – Hard work pays off with a month of stability. Without family drama or financial hardship, October may not prove terribly exciting. Still, you possess all the resources you need, Capricorn. A plentiful time on multiple levels. 

Aquarius – Amducius Reversed – You win some and you lose some, Aquarius. It’s how you deal with the losses that matter long-term. Don’t let frustration or anger cause you to act rashly in October. Strategize and move appropriately when the time is right. 

Pisces – Verrine – Verrine’s influence emphasizes the need to look after your health in October. Even those Pisces in peak condition check in with their bodies and minds once in a while to keep them in top shape. Take a moment this month to give yourself a tune-up — or at least take a brief break to assess where you are and where you could be. What would your optimum performance look like?

That’s the end of this month’s Tarotscope. I hope this peek at the Dukanté Daemonic Sigil Divination Deck will encourage you to work with the sigils and provide some insight for October. 

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See you in November!

– Will

Liturgy to Leviathan

Oh, great serpent, in your glorious light of truth – hear us.

We come here today to honor you and the element of your creation.

He of the vast oceans both within and without.

Hail Leviathan, King of Water.

Lord of wisdom, intuition, and truth.

Bestow upon all present today peace, comforting truth, and freedom from anxiety and emotional distress.

May the waters of his divine nature hold you in their embrace and free you from your burdens.

Let the sound of his tranquil voice guide you to serenity.

Hail Leviathan.

The Dark Mirror Oracle

Last week I was able to visit a new little metaphysical shop that just opened and of course I was drawn to the divination tools. My daughter pointed out one deck in particular and I fell in love. The Dark Mirror Oracle Cards are the deck I am focusing on this month to give us some insight.

I pulled the card of Fragmentation for the upcoming month. We are heading into one of the busiest times of the year, where we get pulled in so many different directions in order to please everyone in our lives. This can lead us to forgetting about our own needs and wants as we prioritize others over ourselves. Frustration levels can rise quickly and take the pleasure out of the holiday seasons.

This card reminds us that if we do not maintain a sense of balance that we will lose parts of ourselves along the way causing us to feel anger not only towards others but also ourselves. This is where the card wants us to focus. Ensuring a healthy balance can keep away any feelings of resentment or anger from growing and causing havoc in our lives and relationships.

This card also gives hope that even if we feel as if we are going to break, that we can always be healed. We might not be exactly as we were before, but we will be who we need to be.

The Preeminent Curse

While this was released earlier this year on my list, and list members enjoy more options for printed formats, The Preeminent Curse is now available in case wrap hardcover* for those in the general public. (*Please note that cover for the case-wrap edition is different.)

The Preeminent Curse is a manual of Daemonic execration magick for traditional Daemonolaters. This book builds upon S. Connolly’s Curses, Hexes, & Crossings with Daemonolatry specific execration magick. The book includes curse work utilizing Goetic Daemons as well as the self-work that needs to be done before the execration magick.


On Invocation

Invocation can be understood as the calling upon a god, demon, or spirit to assist you in your work. As I understand it, there are two forms of invocation which may be useful for the practicing mage: Simple Invocation- The calling out to an entity to be present during your ritual, to lend their energies to your rite. True Invocation- The calling out to an entity to merge with you, shifting your aura and energy to become them for a time. 

Simple invocation can be accomplished by chanting the demon or spirit’s name over and over, requesting they be present with you. This can be supplemented with the vibration of enns or words of power created for the entity. Example: “Lord Flereous, attend upon this rite and lend your fiery energy to it’s fulfillment. Ganic tasa fubin Flereous!” If successful, you will feel the presence and energy of the demon in the room with you. You may feel charged up, electric, cold or hot, etc. Take note of the shift in consciousness. Visualization can add to the potency of the invocation. You may envision the demon (in this case Flereous) appear and set the circle on fire. The room glows a red/orange within the confines of the flaming circle. You may then direct the fire energy into your written request or sigils of intent, then burn them after giving a blood offering. Use visualizations which correspond to the demon’s element and/or intent of the rite. 

True Invocation is best practiced for 3 days in a row up to 7. Prepare an invocation (written in your own words) This should include the name of the demon, it’s description, and the reason you are invoking the demon, as well as final lines calling the demon to rise up within your body and dwell within you for a set time you mention. As with Evocation, call the demon in the name of their superior demon and/or Satan. Cast your circle (if any). Inscribe the sigil of the demon and bloodlet upon it.
Envision your aura glowing the same color of the demon’s element (or a color you feel the demon emanates). It extends about a foot out from your body in all directions. 

Recite the invocation you have prepared with a strong, powerful voice. As you recite the invocation, imagine your aura shifting, from your form to the form of the demon. By the time you are done with the invocation, your aura will be the exact shape of the demon. You may then close your eyes and chant the demon name over and over, or possibly the enn of that demon if known. You may rock back and forth, side to side, or in circles. Go with this. You will feel the tendrils of energy flow up your body and a foreign consciousness take over. When you open your eyes, look at the sigil and know that it is your signature. 

Repeat this process the next day, and the next, for the amount of time you listed in the invocation. During this time, you may practice automatic writing. 

Contrary to popular belief, true automatic writing isn’t just a bunch of scribbling, with a random word appearing here and there. True automatic writing is stilling your mind while the indwelling spirit writes through you. This takes time and practice, but is very potent in creating channeled texts or pathworkings. 

Back to the subject at hand, your personality will be forever changed by the true invocation, to align more with the nature of the demon, therefore, it is prudent to think deeply about the process before you do this. The demon will unlock hidden aspects of yourself, whether positive or negative, and an offering should be given to them on the day they leave your body. 

Sometimes, the demon will completely change the course of your working to suite their own agenda, that is the price you pay in inviting them into your body, but this is rare. In most cases, things will go as planned and you will gain what you seek from the demonic invocation so long as you remain respectful throughout the process. I hope this little article helps those who are just starting out or having issues in their invocation practice. Ave Satanas! Hail Lilith! 

Automatic Drawing

That’s right. Automatic drawing. Not writing, drawing. Unlike my cohorts on this blog, I am not a writer but an artist. My writing skills are very basic at best. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat. Drawing is your strong point. So, this submission from me will be aimed at drawing for all you artists out there. Actually, this will work with non-artists also. I apologize in advance that this is such a short entry but I think it’s worth adding this month and it has been very successful and interesting when I have tried this with friends.

I’m sure most of you have heard of and maybe even tried automatic writing. Well, we are going to do something similar except we will be drawing. First, you need to decide who your attention is going to be focused on. A demon, a deceased relative (or friend) or spirit of your choice, it’s up to you. For this example, lets choose a deceased grandparent, Grandpa Joe.
We want a quiet area to be in. Maybe a table in a darkened room would suit us. Get a candle (I suggest one of a calming color), paper, pencil or pen and a photo of the person you are trying to contact. In this case, Grandpa Joe. If you were trying to use a Demon, use their sigil instead of the photo. Now, we want the room dark, the candle lit and no distractions. Spend a few minutes performing some relaxing breaths. Stare at the photo and get the image in your mind. Think of Grandpa Joe. Remember things you did with him. We want to make a connection with him. Focus on just him. Invite him in to control your pen/pencil. If you are doing this with a Demon, chant their enn as you invite them to join you. Take your pen and start drawing shapes. Try not to lift your hand. Keep your concentration on Grandpa Joe, not your pen. Don’t think about the flower (or whatever) that is taking shape, just keep focusing on your connection. Don’t try to analyze your drawing. Doing that will bring you out of your trance and you won’t be able to hold a connection. You want to stay in that meditative state. Let Grandpa Joe move your pen. You don’t need to think about the pen, just Grandpa Joe. You can ask a single question beforehand if you like or just let things happen as they will.

I have to confess, I’ve only tried this with the Demonic and not the dead but the technique is the same. Make your connection, keep your connection and let the images flow to your pencil/pen and paper. The better you are at meditation, the easier this will be. As with any technique, the more you practice, the better the results. It is interesting to do this with others and compare drawings afterwards.

For some of you advanced artists out there, try using smoke as your drawing tool. You will definitely get some interesting images that way as long as you don’t set your room on fire.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, give it a try. It’s a good exercise for channeling. If you are afraid of channeling, automatic writing, Ouija boards, etc. then you probably want to skip this. In fact, you probably shouldn’t even be on this site. For the rest of you brave souls… Good luck!

September 2021 Tarotscope

Welcome back! 

Have the trees started changing colors where you are? It’s cold enough outside in the mornings that I now need to wear a light jacket. Only last week, dawn felt too hot to breathe. Summer passes by so fast.

I chose the Mystic Mondays Tarot for this month’s reading. I picked up this deck on a whim based on its packaging and images I found of several cards online. At first glance, I appreciated the deck for aesthetics alone. Its bright colors, geometric patterns, and use of silver foil edging really caught my eye. Yet the more I used Mystic Mondays, the more annoyed I became. I loved the deck’s slick, laminated feel, but the cards were so thick I could barely shuffle them as a group. (I’m not sure if I should blame their edging or my small hands, but I don’t struggle this much with other decks.)  More importantly, although I adore the cards from an artistic standpoint, some strip the Rider-Waite Smith imagery down to such sparse symbolism that the intended meaning is nearly lost. This minimalism might add another layer of difficulty for new readers, leading them to depend on the accompanying book. Admittedly, the booklet contains two pages for each card, with upright and reversed meanings. I often found myself pulling up the original imagery from memory as best I could and filling in the missing details to trigger my intuition. Not ideal at all. While I’ll probably keep trying with the Mystic Mondays Tarot, we did not click as well as I’d hoped.

Anyway, on with the Tarotscope.

Three of Wands – The Card for All Signs

Advice for All Signs – Three of Wands – Your hard work in recent days pays off, taking you one step closer to your goal. Don’t give up now, no matter how deep the water is. You’ll reach your desired shore eventually if you keep swimming. Just remember: it can be hard to judge how far you have come when you’re still struggling against the waves. Progress may seem slow at times but could surprise you from another perspective. Allow yourself to dream. Let the anticipation of success drive you forward. 

Left to Right: Aries – 8 of Cups Reversed, Taurus – 5 of Pentacles Reversed, Gemini – Knight of Swords Reversed, Cancer – Queen of Swords Reversed.

Aries – Eight of Cups Reversed – You would think it better to have too many choices rather than too few, right? Well, Aries, an abundance of options paralyzes you with indecision in September, confusing you with what to do next. Though part of you knows you can’t always find what you want in familiar territory, the rest of you worries about what may lurk over the horizon. You cannot avoid making these decisions forever. Some of these options may fade given time. 

Taurus – Five of Pentacles – Recent efforts exhausted your reserves, but take heart! This lean period nears its end, Taurus. This card suggests both physical and financial recovery this September. Try to slip away for a moment by yourself if you can and gather your thoughts. Now is the time to evaluate your money and investments. Plan for the future as your energy and resources rebuild.

Gemini – Knight of Swords Reversed – You figured out what you want — and you want it now. Impatience soars for you in September, Gemini. You’ve worked so hard it’s almost impossible to wait any longer for success. Just be careful. The desire to see things through quickly could lead to impulsive or reckless actions. Thinking things through will lead to fewer mistakes in the long run.

Cancer – Queen of Swords Reserved – You’re faced with a delicate balance between facts and feelings this month, Cancer. On one hand, September demands you examine issues with a clear head, without letting personal bias shadow the truth. On the other, this card cautions against relying on logic alone. If you act without regard to the emotions of others, you may seem cold, even cruel. The situation at hand requires your personal touch for resolution.

Left to Right: Leo – Justice, Virgo – 5 of Cups Reversed, Libra – Ace of Pentacles, Scorpio – The Tower.

Leo – Justice – Are you ready to present your case, Leo? With the Justice card in your sign, make sure to brush up on the laws of the land. Watch out for red tape and tricky regulations in September. If you do make a mistake, own up to it. Let your objective, fair outlook sway important outcomes. Keep cool! Now isn’t the time to let your heart rule your head.

Virgo – Five of Cups Reversed – Be proud, Virgo. You’ve made it through the long night. Now a new month dawns, bringing with it a surge of optimism and a chance for recovery. Let go of any lingering negativity. You can learn from this experience. Forgive yourself for the past. Recognize how much your cups contain.

Libra – Ace of Pentacles – September may bring an end to summer in the northern hemisphere, but the Ace of Pentacles advises planting the seeds of future financial harvests this month. Indeed, this period of prosperity and good fortune goes beyond monetary wealth. Be on the lookout for opportunities of all types during this time. Now is the chance to manifest what you want. You could make a serious impact on your world with focus.

Scorpio – The Tower – On your toes, Scorpio! With September, comes sudden and unavoidable change that strikes at the very foundation of your life. This upheaval may feel like a complete disaster at first, but you can rebuild better than before. Learn what you can from the fallout and salvage anything worth keeping.

Right to Left: Sagittarius – 5 of Swords Reversed, Capricorn – 4 of Wands, Aquarius – Hierophant Reversed, Pisces – Judgement.

Sagittarius – Five of Swords Reversed – Stressed out by recent conflict, Sagittarius? If you can’t reconcile with the other party, try forgiving them and forgetting the whole situation. Release any lingering resentment or need to be right. The only validation you need is your own. Besides — consider what you could gain from a truce!

Capricorn – Four of Wands – Your hard work comes to fruition this month, Capricorn. You built a solid foundation in previous weeks, and this stability allows you the freedom to have fun with those you love in September. Revel in your home and celebrate your family (blood or not). Both are the backbone of your success.

Aquarius – Hierophant Reversed – Some rules clearly act in our best interest, to keep us safe or healthy. Others feel more arbitrary — or, worse yet, were made only to benefit those in power. This month you question the reason behind certain regulations, and it leaves you eager to rebel, Aquarius. Challenging the status quo will put you through your paces too. Get ready to break the mold society has created for you.

Pisces – Judgement – It’s time to take a good, long look in the mirror, Pisces. Evaluate yourself. No, you may not match the image of perfection you’ve tucked away in your head — not yet, anyway. Absolve yourself of past sins and keep working at your goals. Otherwise, the Judgment you feel will hold you back from ascending to the next level.

We’ve come to the end of another Tarotscope! May this glimpse into the Mystic Mondays Tarot provide some guidance for September. You can find information on how to book a reading with me here and on my website. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for free daily readings, and find my find my books on Amazon.

See you in October!


GUEST POST: The Art of Evocation

This post by author Scott Hobbs

Evocation (here meaning the art of summoning a spirit or demon to visible appearance) is a long sought after skill by many Demonolaters, Satanists, and Occultists. Here I would like to describe my understanding of the practice and provide a method for successful evocation. When summoning a demon for their assistance, it is best to call them in the name and by the power of the demon who is above them. It is also desirable that the mage has an understanding of vibrating words and names for added effect. The following skill set will grant the mage the best possible experience and potency in their evocations:

Visualization, Vibrating words and names, Astral projection, Heightened astral senses of sight and hearing, an understanding of the demon you seek to summon as well as the hierarchy or paradigm you are working with, understanding of the ritual structure you will use (circle and triangle of art, scrying mirror, incense smoke as focal point, etc)

Now, onto the method of summoning which was taught to me by Astaroth.

Pick a demon you will summon. Draw their sigil on a piece of parchment or unlined paper. You may chant their Enn while doing this, directing the power of the chant into the sigil’s making.

Place this on the ground with a plain wall behind it. (with no hangings or pictures on the wall)

On top of this sigil, place a black bowl filled 2/3rds with water.

Walk at least 4-5 paces away from the bowl and turn facing it.

Light a candle and place it behind you. The rest of the room should be dark. The shadow you cast from the candle will aid in manifestation.

Begin vibrating the name of the demon you seek to summon. You may add the enn to this and direct it towards the sigil.

During this time, close your eyes and visualize the sigil in your mind as clearly as possible. There will be a shift in your consciousness and a trance will overtake you. Say a summoning of your own devising, calling out to the demon in the name of its superior (or in the name of Satan) to come forth and appear before you, and to give you truthful answers.

Now, imagine yourself rise up out of your body and over to the bowl. Look down into it with your astral vision and see the sigil of the demon glowing with power. Dive down through the sigil into the realm of the demon. In this darkness, say the name of the demon and feel the vibration of the name resonate to the ends of the universe. The demon will appear to you. Slowly come back to your body.

Begin slowly opening your eyes while whispering the demon’s name. See them rise up before you out of the bowl.

When their image becomes clearly defined before you, request they sign their name in the air before them. If the name is spelled correctly, it is the demon you seek.

Converse with them and be respectful, straight to the point, and be focused.

When you are done, thank them for coming to you and say “In the name of Satan, go in peace, harm none as you depart, and may we be allies henceforth.”

See the demon dive down into the bowl.

Extinguish the candle flame and turn on the lights. Write down your experience in your journal.

The water may be used to anoint yourself with, anoint candles for further meditation or rituals with the demon, etc.

The sigil may be kept with you as a talisman, or burned as an offering and dropped into the water, then poured on earth.

I hope this helps some of you who are having issues with summoning to visible appearance, just know it takes a lot of energy to accomplish, but is well worth the effort.

Hail Satan! Hail Astaroth!

To see Scott Hobb’s books, check out Gates of Lucifer & Flames of Flereous

On-the-Go Protection

Protection is another one of the most common rituals/spells people ask me about. Sure, there are elaborate rituals you can do to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your possessions. However, there are simple ways to do this as well. Especially when you’re traveling outside your home where you’re outside the boundaries of your own wards.

One of the most effective methods is to carry a sigil on your person, in your car or in your suitcase. And, let’s face it, since you can’t ward your workplace in the proper manner, you can place protective sigils in your desk or in a work locker.

Many people may just print a sigil and cut it out, but I’m a personal fan of drawing the sigil out by hand while visualizing the intent of protecting yourself or your personal space outside the home.

Agaliarept, Amducius, Asmoday, Focalor, Sabnock, Satanichia, Sonnillion, Tezrian, or Vepar are all good choices for protection. But ultimately you should choose a Daemonic force you resonate with. Then, over the seal, state your intention to be safe from harm, thieves, and accidents. You can even be more specific if the situation calls for it.

If you practice blood magick, add a single drop of your blood to the sigil (which can be obtained in the least harmful way possible, like a pin prick to a finger, or by removing a scab off an old scratch injury). This serves as a bonding mechanism between you and the Daemonic force, and your intention to be safe.

And that’s it! Paper sigils can be slipped into a purse, wallet, or even your pocket or shoe. Re-make them as necessary.

I’m also a fan of using this method to attract wealth, by putting the seal of a wealth Daemon into your wallet to help you draw more money, or spend less.

Sometimes it’s the simple things!


This blog post has been lingering in the back of my mind for some time now. Every time someone bitches about the “occult or LHP community”, or every time someone PMs me to tell me who’s stabbing who in the back within the “occult or LHP community”, I think about making this post. Or when I get the emails warning me to avoid the latest shit-stirrer starting drama in the “occult or LHP community”. Sadly, when I look at the general occulture, and even sub-groups of the occulture – I see a toxic wasteland that is poison to magicians and to magical creators.

There are cliques [obviously]. There are serious students [obviously]. There are people who lurk and keep their noses clean. There are smaller, actual communities in the larger occulture, but they don’t include the whole of the occult, or the whole of LHP practitioners. Because there are also a lot of shit-stirrers and trolls. There are attention whores. There are people who get along with no one. There are people whose only goal is to trash or tear down anyone they disagree with because they’re jealous, or pissed off, or have a shitty life or whatever. I see a lot of things in the general occulture and oftentimes, “community” isn’t one of them.

Community actually means: “A unified body of individuals.” Which means you actually have to be united in something. There are definitely many smaller united groups within the occulture, but don’t fool yourself into believing there is such thing as the “occult community” or the “LHP community”.

In order for there to be a community on such a general scale, people would need to set aside their egos and hurt feelings. Their one true ways and their need for attention. It would require setting aside petty squabbles and jealousies. In order for this to happen it would require every occultist to actually do the self-work and self-analysis magical practice demands. It would require every occultist to be open-minded about ideas and practices they don’t agree with and to not feel threatened by other people’s ideas and beliefs. It would require leaders and authors in the occulture to collaborate instead of tear each other down. [As an aside here, a lot of authors, leaders, and makers actually do collaborate and kudos to those who do. It shows they’re strong enough to not feel threatened by different ideas or techniques, and that they understand that a rising tide lifts all boats.]

The lack of actual community is nothing new. It was like this almost 40 years ago, back in the 1980’s when I showed up to my first generalized “occult” thing all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and I have no doubt it will still be like this when I’m dead and gone 40-50 years from now.

So seriously — forgive me when I roll my eyes as I’m reading my inbox full of “Occult Police” Reports [which is another rant for another time] that always talk about this alleged “community” that we have. Forgive me if I don’t feel like I belong to this community that some people seem to think exists.

Believe me when I tell you there is no actual, cohesive “occult community” or “LHP community”. Only Zuul.

(And yes, I realize the joke may be lost on some of the younger practitioners, but I figured those of you who “get it” would have a good chuckle.)