Challenging Self as a Magickal Exercise

One of the joys of each person’s Great Work is the journey. Sure, reaching the final destination or goal is always great, but we grow the most, and learn the most, from the journey itself. No one’s journey is like anyone else’s, but each journey is also similar in that it gives the practitioner the opportunity to challenge themselves.

Why Challenges?

I know. Not everyone craves challenge. In fact, many people may avoid challenges at any cost. Truthfully though, life gets boring without some kind of challenge, doesn’t it? Think of people who are always causing drama. Why do you think they do that even if it’s a subconscious act? One thing histrionic people often have in common is they’re bored and don’t have enough challenge in their lives. So they self-create challenges where none existed. This, however, may not be the most productive use of one’s time.

Stop any think about the last time you stirred the pot (we’ve all done it). You were probably looking for a challenge, but not all challenges are created equal, and not all challenges we create for ourselves are useful. We need to learn to pick and choose our challenges.

Challenging yourself can be beneficial in many ways:

  1. To prove to yourself that you have what it takes to persevere, overcome, etc.
  2. To remind you that you compete with no one but yourself (in the grand scheme of things).
  3. To exercise your will and train for bigger challenges, both self imposed and those changes that are thrust upon you.
  4. To make you more adaptable and to hone your creative problem solving skills.
  5. To learn about yourself. Man know thyself and thou shalt know the gods.

I have enough challenges, thanks. I don’t need anymore.

Then it’s probably time to make a list of your challenges and decide how many of them are self-created. It may be time to take on those challenges magickally as part of your Great Work to make room for challenges that might be more rewarding for you.

This means you need to identify the challenge, identify the Daemonic forces and magickal ingredients to help you handle the challenge (based on correspondences), do the magickal work, do any tangible follow-up you can do to overcome the challenge, and move on to the next thing.

Okay, I’m ready to take on some challenges. What kind of things are we talking about?

If you are lucky enough to not be in the midst of a current challenge and want to challenge yourself, the first thing you have to ask yourself is, “What do I want to change about my life, situation, relationship, etc…”

Make a list. I’m a list girl and am always making lists. They keep me grounded and give me actionable, step-by-step things I can do to make a change.

Break it down. Under each list item make another list breaking down all the things that need to happen to create the change.

Create a plan to enact those changes, including magickal work.

Some examples of challenges you might willfully undertake include:

  • Quitting a bad habit (i.e. smoking, poor eating or sleeping habits, etc)
  • Pushing yourself to do more (i.e. exercising, completing projects)
  • Forcing yourself to do less (i.e. taking off days, having spa days, spending more time with family.)
  • Finding balance (i.e. giving more time to your spiritual practice, or your emotional wellbeing, or to those you love.)
  • Creating beneficial change (i.e. starting a business, switching jobs/careers, letting go of toxic relationships, moving to a new city.)

So where are the Daemons and what does this have to do with Daemonolatry????

A serious Daemonolatry practice includes embarking on your individual journey to further your Great Work, and to learn about yourself. The Daemonic Divine provides wisdom, guidance, and opportunity to that end. We become stronger, more effective magicians the more challenges we navigate in life — and life is full of some really interesting challenges. Some of them are fun and some of them — not so much. Not every lesson life throws at us feels good. In many cases – the school of hard knocks sucks. However, the more you learn to navigate and control the narrative of your situation by having full control of your challenges, the easier it is to navigate challenges that broadside us from left field.

Let’s talk about some of my favorite Daemons who can help with some of the aforementioned changes/challenges we all encounter at some point. (Obviously these are not the only Daemons you can work with for the following issues, but it’s a start).

Balance/Slowing Down: Unsere to facilitate self understanding and compassion. Sitri for more spa or fishing days, or more time spent having fun with friends. Satan or Atem for balancing and centering.

Career/Job – Belial is a solid, all around good Daemon for this. Belphegore to get interviews and job opportunities. Clauneck to help you find your calling. Sorath success for entertainment or high profile careers.

Change – To change your situation or learn to weather change, nothing beats working with the Death Daemonic. They’re not just there to help with grief, dying, and necromancy. Anubis is particularly effective for teaching people how to weather change. Zagan can help create profound change if your whole life needs an overhaul. Murmur can help you get over hurdles standing in the way of you making a change.

Confidence: Lucifuge Rofocal is one of my favorite Daemons for dealing with self-confidence and eradicating low self esteem.

Emotional Happiness: Leviathan for emotional intelligence. Buer for depression and mild mood disorders. Paimon for deep emotional trauma.

Friendship: Ashtaroth or Astaroth (Astarte), Leviathan, Dagon, Tiamaat (believe it or not). All of these Daemons are my go to when dealing with matters of friendship. Tiamaat in particular seems to harmonize perfectly when trying to sort conflict, whereas Leviathan will bring emotional intelligence to the situation, Dagon for good communication, and Ashtaroth for empathy and understanding as well as bringing new friends to you.

Health (Dis-ease) – Marbas can create opportunities for cures and treatments of existing diseases and conditions, or poor health.

Love: Rosier and Ashtaroth is my favorite pairing here. Rosier for long lasting love and passion, and Ashtaroth for friendship — both of which are a good combination for those seeking to find the right person and end up in a long term relationship.

Money: If you have money owed to you or need a quick windfall, Belphegor is great for passive cash fast. Mammon is a bigger gun that can be called in for larger sums of money, or when you have no revenue to speak of and his help may manifest as opportunities.

Motivation/Productivity: While this can depend on what you need to be motivated toward, I’m particularly fond of Daemons like Gremory, Delepitoré, Seere, Seshat, and Thoth to help get my ass moving. They’ve never steered me wrong.

Revenge – Leviathan to judge those who have wronged you. Agaliarept to destroy your enemies. Focalor to break down barriers and haunt your enemy in his dreams. Svengali to control those who have wronged you. Satanchia to run your enemy into the ground.

Self Transformation (including how we see ourselves) – Buer. He’s definitely my go to here.

Strength: Lucifuge, Ba’al, and Dagon can help to shore up your energy reserves and give you strength to persevere. This is especially true if you’re looking for Daemons to help you build endurance physically and/or emotionally/mentally.

Weight Loss – Verrine. While Verrine is a general healing Daemon, paired with Buer, they’re a force to be reckoned with here.

Divination Tools – Stones and Crystals

When many people are asked to describe what a seer or diviner looks like a default description is usually a woman, dressed like a Hollywood gypsy gazing into a crystal ball. And although the imagery is a bit trope-y, the usage of stones and crystals is a valid one when it comes to divination practices.

Each of us will find ourselves drawn to some stones over others, and there really isn’t a right or wrong choice; but some stones have made a name for themselves as being stronger on the divination energy than others.

Here are a few that I have worked with over the years along with some insight as to what they can do, or what you can expect from them.

Blue Calcite: Enables the spirit to move freely without being affected by negative energies. Good stone for when you need to lift your consciousness and push it out, whether it’s for astral projection, channeling or scrying.

Iolite: Increases your awareness in the astral and helps with dream recall.

Amethyst: Helps with OOBE (Out of Body Experiences) and lucid dreaming. This is a stone that also enhances other stones’ energies, but in a gentler way than say Moldavite or Ametrine.

Moldavite: Helps you leave your body easier. Adds intensity to all the other stones you’re working with. Can open up your third eye and make you see and hear things that might be a bit overwhelming. This is a stone where a little bit goes a long way and I don’t recommend wearing or carrying it for long periods of time, unless you are really used to it.

Ametrine: Stregthens your will and determination. Use this one in conjunction with other stones to boost the signal and your intent.

Angelite: A gentle stone that brings sense of serenity and calmness, helps you move to an upper level.

Labradorite: Helps your astral body move effortlessly. Pair with Iolite to ensure you won’t be blocked in the astral. Honestly, if you can only buy one stone to aid you in your psychic development, divination skills, or astral work this should be the stone that you buy. It is just an amazing all around psychic stone that everyone should have on hand.

Prehnite: Great for premonition work, helps with focus and the third eye.

Apophyllite: Enables your astral/light body to maintain a higher resonance. Creates a connection between the astral and the physical world. Good for scrying and out-of-body journeying.

Celestite: Stone of heaven. Will jumpstart your spiritual growth and open lines of communication. Puts you on speed dial with Divine Intelligences. Very fragile, will fade under sunlight.

Charoite: Encourages your spirit to time travel into a very deep astral state. Aids in spiritual rescue work, clairvoyance and divination. And has the added plus of cleansing the aura.

Seraphinite: Helps you open up to communication and guides your astral body. This stone also protects the physical body during astral work.

Merlinite: Not as smack smack as Moldavite but still has a lot more presence than most other stones. This stone can aid astral travel into past or future lives to gain insight.

Selenite: A very powerful psychic connector. This stone boosts communication with ancestors, angels, loved ones and spirit guides. In addition to be psychic amplifier Selenite is amazing at cleansing and recharging stones and crystals placed near it. This is especially helpful with stones that can’t tolerate salt water washes.

Larimar: Formed through fire but is a water stone. Very gentle stone that’s good for water aligned people to open up their third eye. This is also a great stone for working with the Divine Feminine.

If you are doing any kind of energy or astral work or divination, especially for others; it can be easy to attract and pick up sludge or feeders. Or if you are a natural medium, sometimes you just need some bubble wrap between you and everyone elses’ energies and that’s where the following stones come in.

Nuummite: Good for protection and buffering. Use if you want to muffle your psychic sensitivity.

Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Black Onyx, Jet: Protective stones if you tend to pick up sludge in the astral.

I could probably add a couple dozen more stones to this list, but these are the ones that I have used extensively and recommended to students for many years. I hope that you have learned about a few more stones to add to your collection.

Too Many Decks?

I recently had a friend come by my flat and she was very curious as to the state of my coffee table… it was covered in multiple Tarot decks and divination tools, which is actually pretty normal for me as I read cards for a living. She just couldn’t understand why I would need to have so many cards out at a time, nor could she understand why I would need as many divination tools at all. If she only knew how many more decks and various divination tools I actually have she really would think I was nuts!

Its not that you need to have several decks,but there may come a time when you might grab your deck for a reading and it gives you the distinct feeling that it either doesn’t want to answer you or that it isn’t the right tool for the topic or challenge. This is when having back up decks or other tools comes in handy.

Some topics or questions call for different approaches, this is why I have everything from a couple of tarot decks, a Lenormand, scrying balls, Ogham staves, and a bowl of assorted crystals, and sigils within reach when I am doing readings.

Other times a tool can decide that it just doesn’t want to work with you or with a particular client. I had one deck that after several years of being my go-to deck suddenly decide that it didn’t want to work with me and instead wanted to go to my then husband. Funnily enough after a few years it decided he was a jerk and stopped working for him so it came back to me.

If you are doing face to face readings you may also find that the imagery of some decks can make clients uncomfortable. I love my Deviant Moon deck but some people found the artwork too intense for them and they would ask if I had some other deck that wasn’t as dark. Knowing that not everyone will be open to some images is one reason why professional readers tend to have multiple decks. If you only plan on doing readings for clients who share your interests then you may not need to have ‘happy’ decks, but it is always good to have at least one deck that is more general audience friendly.

Having multiple decks can also help you to find deeper meanings within the cards. With each deck I have purchased and used I have deepened my understanding of the many facets that each card has. You learn more about how the cards all connect across the board and through that become a stronger reader.


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Water North – Water West?

A really common question came up on the blog today, and I’m sure I’ve covered it briefly somewhere in one of my books before, though I’ll be damned if I remember which one. So I thought I would address the question, because it’s a good one, and hopefully help to clear up confusion.

Hello little question about directions and elements, I would like to invoke Astaroth and Belial, both are terrestrial,
Is the next question about the North or the West? In the book of J Thorp, says that the north is the water element, and the west is the earth element, while the opening rite says the opposite. Can you enlighten me on this question thank you.

This can be super confusing to those who may just be starting out. So the first thing is that Water and Earth trade places in different traditions. Some systems, like the Khemetic system, put water North. If you’re working alchemically or within certain ceremonial traditions, it makes more sense to put water North. If you practice traditional craft or certain forms of Western ceremonial magick, however, Water is often put toward the west.

IMHO though — it really depends on the operation. IF you’re looking to stabilize emotions, strengthen wisdom, or manifest greater clarity through divination, or to heighten your intuition — Water North because it’s closer to Air, thus affecting mental acuity. If you’re looking to spark creativity, explore your passions, or destroy someone else – Water west to heighten emotion and infuse it with fire.

So in this sense, you can look at the elements as Air and Fire being “fixed elements” and Earth and Water as being “mutable elements” within a magickal circle with an elemental construct.

Ultimately – if you haven’t tried Earth toward the West and Water to the North — try it. Decide which one you like better. I’ve noticed everyone has their preference. I can go either way.

Just as an aside here, when you’re working with the Fire Aspect of Belial, it makes sense to put Earth West. IF you’re working with the Cold/Dry Earth aspect of Belial, it makes sense to put Earth North.

New Year Rituals

So many people start the new year with resolutions and goals, and by February 1st, it’s all out the window. So what can we do to better prepare ourselves for the changes we’d like to make?

Why not try a new year ritual?


A new year divination for yourself can be a solid regular ritual to perform to give you a heads-up on what the year ahead might bring. Forewarned is forearmed and you can plan accordingly. If you don’t feel you can be objective enough, hire another reader to take a look for you. I generally hire someone to do my astrology and year ahead readings for me. Not because I can’t do it for myself, but because I’ve learned I need the perspective.

Cursing Bad Habits/Situations

Buy a small houseplant. Through the first week of January, on small slips of paper, write down all the habits you’d like to break, or bad situations you’d like to be rid of. At the end of the week, collect all those pieces of paper and burn them (or rip them up), and then bury the ashes or bits of paper in with the small houseplant. Let the houseplant die, and along with it, the habits and situations you wish to be rid of. Once the plant is dead, offer it back to the earth by leaving it in an outdoor sacred space, or a compost pile. For those who live in an apartment, you might go to a park or empty lot and leave the plant there (keep the pot so you’re not littering).

Creating Affirmations and Goals

Write down your immediate, short-term, and long-term goals on a sheet of paper. Then rephrase them. Example:

I will get that managerial position becomes I am a strong leader/manager.

Add to it, I have the strength and diplomacy of Lucifuge [or your Daemonic force of choice] within me – I am a strong leader!

Do that with each goal. For two weeks, read these affirmations to yourself once a day. You should start seeing changes manifesting.

Working Ritual with Daemons to Help Hold You Accountable

This is a good time of year to petition the Daemonic to help hold you accountable to your goals simply by doing a standard request ritual to the Daemonic powers of your choice.

Here’s to a prosperous, healthy, and happy 2020 to all of you!

Planning for 2020 Classes is Underway

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are working on which classes will be offered in 2020 and should have an idea of what’s coming (and a general timeline) by the time February rolls around. The upcoming class schedule will be announced here, with links to sign-ups no later than March 31 (if all goes well).

In the meantime – have yourselves a spectacular New Year’s eve celebration, be safe, and we’ll be seeing you in the new year!

May the Daemonic Divine bring blessings and enlightenment upon you.

Ashtaroth for Divination

Astaroth, Astarte, Astoreth — all of them just some of the spellings for the Grand Duke of Hell, Priestess of Friendship and Divination, and Goddess of War and Love.

Ashtaroth is one of the gentler Daemons to work with, and is both patient and kind to those new to the practice (YMMV). Because she is also a rather versatile Daemonic force, she can be worked with in many situations and applications, one of them being divination.

You may be wondering why I’m bringing up Divination and Ashtaroth as a topic… because this is the month most people start making plans and doing divinations for the coming year!

Blessing certain Divination tools in the name of Ashtaroth and consecrating them to her will imbue the devices with more energy to help you see further and more clearly.

Making your own divination devices always makes them more potent.

Divination Tool Suggestions

Ashtaroth Pendulum Board

Dukante Sigil Deck

Additional Resources

Drawing Down Belial – S. Connolly

Sigillum Diaboli – S. Connolly

Demonic Divination – J. Thorp

Daemonic Dreams – William Briar

Get a Reading

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Fire Festival of Belial

The Daemonic Divine is within you and around you. May the Daemonic Divine bless and keep you all of your days. Naamah.

The beauty of Winter Solstice and joys of Yule are almost upon us. Aside from Rite of Belial being a beacon of light in the darkness of earth’s slumber – it’s a time to do ritual work for stability and prosperity in the coming year. It’s time to re-establish our wards and charge our protective servitors. It’s time to bring blessings on our loved ones since many of them will cross our thresholds to join us for food and cheer this holiday season.

Some Traditional Practices

During Rites to Belial, after prayers and recitations, have each person involved in the ritual circle the flames three times. Clockwise to get things moving forward in your life. Counter-clockwise to help you out of situations you don’t want to be in. The Abyssal Communion and Rite of Imbibement can then be performed, and requests sealed with blood given to the flames. If you cannot build a fire outdoors, an altar in the center of your temple upon which a flame and bowl have been placed will suffice.

Apply a spray adhesive to Pine Cones and dust them liberally with fresh cinnamon for luck in the name of Belial. Keep them in a bowl on the altar near the front door to bring prosperity to your home and those within it. After the season is over, you may again offer them to Belial through the flame. Additionally, use craft string to tie cinnamon sticks (on which are carved prosperity sigils) to blessed candles. The heat from the flame will warm the cinnamon and send a warm scent through your home/office.

Create clay sigils for Belial and all the Ba’al Daemons and hang them on your yule tree. Add spray glitter to make them extra festive.

Carve or burn the sigil of Belial into a large log. Bless it in the name of Belial and ask him to protect you and yours for the coming season. Add 1-2 drops of your blood to the sigil. Burn the log in offering to Belial.


Find a Rite to Belial here.

Abyssal Communion & Rite of Imbibement

Ater Votum: Daemonolatry Prayer

Connecting with the Daemonic

Connecting with the Daemonic Divine is more than just saying an invocation or drawing a sigil. It isn’t about pelting the Daemonic with offerings.

It’s about building a relationship. That relationship isn’t based on you “hiring” a Daemon for their help.

The relationship is based on creating a connection through hours upon hours of meditation, divination, magickal work, and conversation with the Daemon in question.

Just like in the corporeal world, building relationships with the Daemons you feel drawn to can take weeks, months, years (depending how deep you want that relationship to go). Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t work with a new-to-you Daemon as a one-off. However, for the Daemons you feel an affinity for, building an actual relationship is both important for feeling a deeper spiritual connection to the divine, but also for doing deep path work /self-work (a process that makes a magician’s low magick far more potent).

A Recipe for Connecting

WEEK ONE: For thirty minutes a day, sit in silent contemplation with the sigil of the Daemonic force you wish to work with. You can trace the sigil and recite the Daemon’s Enn at the beginning of the meditation ritual as you see fit.

WEEK TWO: For thirty minutes a day, ascend to your astral temple and invoke the Daemon there. Converse with it.

WEEK THREE: Invoke the Daemon once a day and draw the Daemon’s energy around you so you can connect with the Daemon. More advanced practitioners may choose to draw Daemonic energy into themselves as well.

WEEK FOUR: For thirty minutes a day, have a divination session, or perform ritual work with the Daemon. Offer 1-2 drops of blood each day.

Get More Information:

The Complete Book of Demonolatry

Drawing Down Belial

Divination Devices/Services

Daemonic Divination: Items specifically made for Daemonolaters and Divination practice.

Divination Services – I’m here to help if you have questions, but I do charge for my time. You can also check out our other readers.

Honoring the Death Daemonic Through November

Celebrating change, working with a thin veil for communication with the dead, and working with the death energy isn’t limited to the end of October. No, the veil is actually at its thinnest point the second week of November.

As I explained in an article on my personal site a few years back:

  “Saturn in Scorpio (October 23- November 22) is the right combination that causes thinning of the veil to begin with, and October 31 is kind of right in there. But that’s the key phrase right there. Saturn (planet ruling Death) in Scorpio (the most psychic of the sun signs). Genuine Saturn in Scorpio cycles happen about every 28-30 years and last for about 2-2.5 years. Sure, you’ll get Saturn influence in Scorpio every year, but it’s nothing like a true Saturn in Scorpio transit. (Which we had from 2012-2015 – hence the huge spike in the interest in necromancy during those years if you recall.)

So while the veil may always thin a little bit around October 31, it actually peaks around the second week of November and is really only at its thinnest point every 28-30 years. Expect the next cycle in 2042 or thereabouts.”

Rite to Eurynomous is done between October 26-November 2 by most Daemonolatry sects each year to mark the beginning of the season of the Death Daemonic.

During this ritual (and this season in general) ancestors are honored, life milestones are celebrated, and necromantic magick is practiced.

Where can you get more information?

You can find a general Rite to Eurynomous in Modern Demonolatry, available for free on this website.

You can check out the book Honoring Death to learn more about the Death Daemonic.

If you are into necromantic magick, you can check out Keys of Ocat: A Grimoire of Daemonolatry Nygromancye

What are some traditional practices?

For those who are sensitive to spirits of the dead, and who need to keep their personal space spirit free, wear a piece of magnetite blessed by Ba’alberith.

If you whisper the name of your dearly departed into the November wind, they will come to you in a dream.

Keep the seal of Eurynomous under your bed between late October to mid November to speak with the dead in your dreams.

Hang an equal armed cross made of animal bones (chicken bones are fine) outside your front door to ward spirits from your home.

Paint pumpkins and other squash with the sigils of the Death Daemonic to welcome their season. These can later be prepared and consumed to draw in those strong Daemonic forces to help your family weather all the changes of the coming year.