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Abyssal Communion & Rite of Imbibement

The long awaited guide to two of the most sought after rites is finally here. The Abyssal Communion & Rite of Imbibement is a ritual guide for those wishing to learn and incorporate the beauty of the Abyssal Communion (sometimes called Elemental Communion) and Rite of Imbibement into their personal Daemonolatry practice. The book includes explanations of […]

Modification & Practice Series: Mini-Guides

These were my “public service” projects for 2013. I call them that because free copies of these mini-guides are available to anyone who wants them.They’re not lengthy tomes, but each one took time to produce. Hence The Modification & Practice Series is here! There are three books in this series. The first is Modified Daemonolatry: […]

Its not a Gold coin

If we consider that Demonolatry its a Khemetic-Hermetic Shamanistic alchemical spiritual practice, the core of its spiritual path requires going a little further than prayer sometimes, Why? because Demonolatry its a magical religion, not a moral based dogma, Daemons don’t give a hoot if you think abortion its right or wrong, its an action that […]

Matrons, Patrons & Mentors – Oh My!

I have known people who made a hasty choice for their Matron/Patron and later redid their dedication to a new Matron/Patron.  However, I’m a bit old-school in my personal opinion. Back when I began practicing, we were asked to study and practice at least a year and a day before even considering exploring Matrons or […]

Religion and Spirituality

This months topic is religion and spirituality. First off, it is my belief that religion is not necessarily spiritual. Many people claim to be of various religions but are about as spiritual as a dog turd (obviously I have no knowledge that dog turds aren’t spiritual, but hopefully you get my meaning !) People can […]

Meditations – so many choices.

Its Meditation this month. Meditation is something I am notoriously bad at. As my gran would say – “You’ve got ants in your pants !” There are so many diffeent types out there now to choose from. Guided meditation, Chaosphere meditation, Transcendental meditation (expensive), this meditation, that meditation. All requiring you to sit still, on […]